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Success Story

Before I started attending classes at Ashland Crossfit I thought I was fit enough, but I wanted to get stronger. I went to the gym, and I had done high intensity workouts and yoga. I ran a half marathon. But it took me a long time to walk in their door.

I had lots of ideas about what Crossfit was and who could and should go there. What I am saying is that I thought Crossfit was for elite, super-strong, high-endurance athletes. As a mother of three and nearing forty, I did not identify myself in that way at all. To be honest, I had to get BRAVE one day to check Crossfit out.

So in I go one Friday morning, and it turns out it was everything I thought it was and nothing like I thought it was. Yes, it was challenging. Yes, I felt stronger attending the class. Yes, I did exercise and warm-ups that were new and I had never done before. And no, it was not exclusive, competitive, nor elite. In fact, there was an amazing group of athletes who were both young and old, with different abilities and different sizes. And you know what? Everyone was super encouraging! I felt supported, guided, and challenged. It was great!

It has been close to four months since I joined, and the leaps and bounds in which I have gotten stronger and more capable is incredible. I HAVE NEVER GOTTEN MORE FIT MORE QUICKLY THAN WORKING WITH THE INSTRUCTORS AT ASHLAND CROSSFIT. I can work out harder, lift heavier weights, and challenge myself in new ways. As another Crossfit friend says, “I feel like a rockstar!”

Lastly, I want to add how committed to safety and education Ashland Crossfit is. The workouts are always scaled to each person’s abilities. Never is anyone pushed past their abilities into a zone of unsafety.

I highly encourage anyone to push past any nervous thoughts in one’s mind and try attending a few classes. I think you would be amazed how fun, exhilarating, and supportive it is.

Crossfit Ashland
 726 Jefferson Ave.
Ashland, OR 97520
(541) 631-2317
Check out their website here

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