The Mess Doctor


  • Prescriptions and OTC medications used regularly  (make a check list of these items and keep it up to date)
  • Photographs/Home Movies (sort and prepare photo boxes NOW)
  • Checkbook & Credit cards
  • Legal & Important Documents. Keep all originals in a safe deposit box. Have a duplicate set if possible, in a waterproof, portable container:
  1. Will, Insurance Policies, contracts, stocks & bonds, current tax info.
  2. Passports, birth certificates, social security & immunization records for all members of the family
  3. Bank account & credit card numbers
  4.  Inventory of household valuables with digital pictures
  •  Family Records; divorce papers, marriage and death certificates
  1. Copies of Doctor’s phone numbers & Medical Insurance card numbers
  2. Recent utility bill for proof of residence
  • Irreplaceable & Sentimental Items, i.e. heirlooms (Predetermine priorities and make a list of items with a picture in their priority order).
  • Pet Items: Food, medications, water dish, collar & leash (for 5 days)
  • Extra Eye Glasses/ Contact lens supplies
  • Denture Supplies
  • Drinking water and at least one change of clothing for every member of the family
  • Personal Phone Book
  • Children’s items: Special Blanket, toy or pillow, diapers

Before the disaster hits:

– Make a list of your “MUST HAVES”, “SHOULD HAVES” & “COULD HAVES”.

– Designate 3 main areas in your home for these items to reside so you don’t waste precious time running around searching for things.

– Have gas shut off wrench handy

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