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Tales from the Delivery Van

Being able to replenish and introduce Heartsong to all ofthe participating cafes, restaurants and lounges in the valley has given me a unique opportunity to explore our community of Ashland. Experiencing the “behind the scenes” arena and interacting in such places as the Co-Op and Shop-N-Kart allows me to sense the unity and cohesion that is so crucial for a prosperous environment. It’s great to see how well our brews are received within the community and this fact alone motivates us to try to provide even more, even better. It also gives me a chance to see what we, as a food artisan community, have to contribute to the quality of experiencing life here in the Rogue Valley. Thank you for welcoming us as we brew the revolution. Â

Neal Latimore

Chai Baba-pprentice

Delivering the ChaiÂ


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Heartsong Chai and the Heartsong Pepper Brews are pioneers in the beverage industry. These healthful and invigorating brews are the natural evolution of America?s energy drink fascination. The mission of the Heartsong Herbal Brewing Company is to revitalize people?s bodies with healthful beverages while vitalizing our community through fair-trade business. The Heartsong Herbal Brewing Company recently expanded production capacity and now intends to profitably establish itself as a leader in the world of beverages.

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