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The 7 Steps to Wellness

Inflation might be low; but how about the inflation of our waistlines, blood pressure, cholesterol and blood sugars. Having been there myself, I understand how difficult it is to overcome our body’s demand for—well, sugar. Many of us have come to the conclusion that the decline of our body image and our health is just a part of the aging process. We might muster up the motivation to try to “diet” and lose a few pounds. But then it seems to come right back. We avoid the bathroom scale because we wonder if there is something wrong with it. (The battery must be getting low.) Always in the back of our minds, we have a desire to go back to a 28” waist and a thin face (unless we totally give up). We try this diet and that formula, and nothing seems to work. The things that used to work like Ephedra and Phen-Phen; turned out to be harmful to us. What to do now?  At Heartsong Nutrition, we subscribe to natural wellness. By consuming a diet of whole foods (plants, herbs, nuts, seeds, and whole grains); healthy cold-pressed plant oils, fish oils, a clean source of protein, high PH filtered water, and a personal regimen of nutritional supplements—-health can be restored naturally.

Included in total health plan is exercise. Simply by walking a few hours per week can result in an improved metabolism and vascular system. Our bodies were designed for motion. When blood regularly flows throughout the body, it is like an active stream. We naturally feel good to stand beside a stream because we uptake the ozone and the sense the balance of nature. Through exercise, oxygen and nutrients are able to flow to the brain and all parts of the body and cellular wastes are moved back through the lymph system to the liver, kidneys, and spleen for elimination.

The urge to eat is one of the strongest urges. By regaining control of your Endocrine system, you gain control of what you consume. The reason why diets don’t work is because your body falsely perceives that you need to ingest food in order to survive. And since the brains’ fuel is glucose—it wants the sugar.  Instead of trying to deny your body access to carbs; feed it what it really needs, not what it wants. Feed it whole foods. And then, address the insulin hormones with the compounds that Nature produces that will increase Adiponectin and Leptin and decrease Ghrelin and Resistin. Weight creeps up slowly over the years so set a reasonable time of six months to attain your goal.

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