Unprecedented times… those are the buzzwords we all are hearing as we all deal with the COVID-19 virus and the stay at home orders. Staying home, no interaction with other people, perhaps food and meals delivered… exceedingly difficult to keep positive and have a good attitude. If one does venture out to the grocery store or appointment, the masks are on, protective equipment everywhere by most people and little time to consider the setting around us.

Recently I was walking the beautiful Mountain Meadows 55+ Community (maintaining social distancing and wearing my mask) as I was checking on listed properties. I often walk rather than drive. It is good exercise plus you really experience the community when you are walking.

Breathtaking… Beautiful… These words were not only thought but spoken out loud as I walked. The trees have sparkling new leaves and the shades of green are innumerable. The bright yellow flowers brightened up the landscape everywhere – like a touch of sunshine. The creek areas had been cleared of specific invasive plants and lovely new native plants put in by the Lomakatsi Restoration Project. The community park with newly moved lawns smelled so fresh and amazing.

As I journeyed on, I saw ahead some of the beautiful Craftsman-style homes overlooking the park area and Kitchen Creek. I had to stop to take some pictures of the vibrant colors of the landscaping mixed with the architecture of the homes. I looked up the hill towards the clubhouse and Parkside Condominiums and stood for a moment to really take it all in. Perfect temperature outside with some puffy clouds dotting the deep blue sky and the lush grounds and landscaping of this incredible community.

I felt invigorated and joyful. I was outdoors with the fragrances and the colors so crisp and fresh. “Everyone should see this,” I thought to myself. What we all need is to take a walk outside (with protective equipment) and take in the beauty of this Spring. So often it is taken for granted – the beauty of the seasons. At this time of our lives as we endure the COVID-19 situation we should do what I did (if you are able to venture out) that special day at Mountain Meadows…Take a walk with your pet or a dear friend or family member and truly appreciate and experience an awakening to all the senses; a brightening of your attitude. The virus situation is still here with us but there is so much more to our lives –The Beauty Outdoors.