The Elephant In The Yard…

Let’s face it, baby elephants are about the cutest thing you could own.

Until, that is, they grow up. Then they become, well, an elephant. A big, giant, majestic elephant. Baby elephants can fit in a standard pickup bed, and their cute factor is not hindered a bit riding around town, enjoying their view.

A full grown bull elephant won’t fit in a standard shipping container and I doubt you could coax one in it if you tried. They need room and lots of it. Big bull elephants need a lot of food and a lot of water to wash down that food. Big bull elephants can also have a bit of an attitude as they know what they are. When I stand my bucket truck all the way straight up, I can see every big elephant in town.

Not to say big elephants are in any way bad, just to point out the fact that big elephants need big maintenance, big spaces and such.

The cute baby elephant you just couldn’t resist at the nursery will grow into an elephant, thus, you have the task of having a big enough space so your elephant will be happy as it matures. Don’t forget your elephant is a herd animal and loves the company of other elephants.

When elephants have the company of a herd, you may expect a new baby elephant or two along the way.

I have many clients who are the proud owner of an elephant! They love their elephants! And their elephants love them.

Sadly, there are people that regret buying their baby elephant after it grew up and its cuteness waned, as its maturity eloquently waxed…  The saddest part is, they couldn’t sell or even give away their elephant, and even if they could, they are attached to their elephant since they had it since it was the cutest thing.

Some people buy a new-to-them house that already has an elephant! But maybe they didn’t see the elephant when they purchased their home.

It amuses me to no end when I inform them they are the proud owner of an elephant, you should just see the look on their faces…

Some people buy a herd of elephants on purpose, as they just love elephants and they realize elephants need lots of room, water, company and loving care.

They acknowledge the duty of responsible elephant stewardship, and for them elephants make their world go ‘round.

Some people buy a bunch of baby elephants so they can watch them play in the yard, because you know, if ONE baby elephant is cute, a bunch of baby elephants…

Before you get your first baby elephant, do your homework.

Ask someone who owns an elephant.

Make sure you have room for your elephant.

Prepare to get emotionally attached to your elephant.

Remember, if you move, you can’t take your elephant with you unless it is still a baby elephant. Then you can just put it in the back of your truck and let it enjoy the view all while being the cutest thing.

Oh yes, I almost forgot, if you sell your house that comes with its own elephant, make sure the new owner knows about the elephant. Make sure they love and understand elephants. It would surprise you to know how many people don’t notice the elephant in the yard…

Happy spring, and as always,

Plant high and often…

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