The Four-Fold Path to a Pain-Free Life: Understanding The Root Cause. 

By integrating functional medicine practices with practical lifestyle coaching, there is actually a way to get rid of your pain!  With pain and fatigue, often there is an underlying problem with hormones, nutrition and gut health, movement and posture, and/or stress.

Let’s start with hormones.  Your stress, sex, and thyroid hormones are strongly linked.  If one hormone is out of whack you may feel chronic aches and pains.  Therefore, it is important to check your hormones and treat accordingly.  Hormone replacement therapy may be necessary, but herbal remedies and/or neutraceuticals alone could support your own innate ability to rebalance.

Second, your nutritional status, and gut health are directly linked to chronic pain.  An imbalance in the gut flora, or a leaky gut, can lead to inflammation and autoimmune problems.  The gut also produces the majority of brain chemicals.  Therefore, an unhealthy gut may lead to an unhealthy nervous system.  Interestingly, the majority of people with leaky gut do not have digestive symptoms.  If you have certain risk factors you may need to be tested.

Drawing from the wisdom of traditional cultures, we can heal much of back pain by learning correct postural habits.  Are you a couch potato?  This will certainly worsen your pain.  The message is clear; good posture and increased appropriate activity will keep you on the path to a pain-free life.

Finally, stress reduction, through lifestyle modification and mindfulness practices, gives you the spiritual and mental strength to commit to long-term changes.  Furthermore, they have a direct physiological effect on your hormones, gut, and nervous system.  Lifestyle choices may include daily habits such as your wake-up or bedtime routine.  It may also include practices such as meditation, journaling, or yoga.

Often, if you are dealing with daily pain, making any changes can seem overwhelming.  Luckily, one or two small changes will reap huge rewards.  In addition, potent herbal remedies or medication adjustments may give you immediate relief.  Therefore, you will have more energy to tackle the rest. There are some simple tricks to help you make and keep those healthy habits.

You are not alone in this journey.  With a medical visit, or my group classes, we can work together.  My classes offer a similar approach with the added benefits of group healing.  To ensure personal attention, I limit the class size to six attendants.  Each class includes the following: stress-reducing exercises, a lecture addressing how to understand and treat each root cause, and time for group sharing.  The first series is entitled “The Pain Cure Series:  A Four-Fold Path to a Pain Free Life”.

Amy Maher, MD
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