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As I am a working mama, I had a unique experience of balancing being a mom and working this week while my husband was away at a retreat.  As some complications occurred with my babysitter and I was left with a day of patients without anyone to be with my kids, I was extremely thankful that I had created a kid proof physical therapy space that was welcoming to kids (my own or my patient’s kids).  While my 9 -month-old little boy crawled around on the floor and my 3 and a half year old little girl took notes when I worked with a very understanding patient, I was content that it was possible to be a working mama.  I have relocated to a space that allows Prema Belly to really support mamas that need to or want to bring their children with them to an appointment!  Although kids require their own playtime and outside time, I believe that they can also be nourished by watching their mama take care of their bodies and learn how to utilize them optimally (and maybe even pick up a few good body mechanics- they say kids learn how to move by watching their parents).

On that note, I am excited to begin a series of workshops to ‘Move with freedom and Intention’ through improved alignment and muscular function.  Improving skeletal alignment and utilizing the simplicity of natural movement will increase blood flow and ultimately the function of the body’s cellular, organ and muscular systems.  The topics of these workshops will range from ‘preparing for labor’ for the pregnant mama, to ‘osteoporosis prevention’ for the aging women, to ‘low back pain’ for the general population, and to ‘putting your body back together’ for the postpartum mama.  Keep an eye out for the topic of the month.

I also want to introduce a new practitioner at Prema Belly, my husband Michael Nardi.  Michael is a holistic awareness practitioner.  He specializes in Reiki, medicinal aromatherapy, chanting of Sanskrit sounds, meditation, and stillness practices.  He facilitates clients in clearing out samskaras (deep impressions within us that make up our conditioning and are responsible for our reactions- negative or positive).  He provides tools to improve our awareness and reactions throughout our day.  This allows clients to react less throughout their day and to begin to build their inner will power to fuel their inner most desires.  The techniques that he teaches are extremely beneficial for preparing for labor, improving parenting skills, dealing with family interactions and facing emotional, financial or work difficulties.

I’d love to welcome you all to visit us at 258 A Street Suite 17!

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