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The Importance of Core Strength

Okay. For years, my chiropractor encouraged me to follow the neck and back exercise book he gave me to strengthen the muscles that support my head and spine. Regarding my neck, he put it this way:

“Your head weighs about 10 lbs—the weight of a bowling ball.

Imagine holding the ball straight up with your wrist, then lean it forward

and see how long it takes your wrist to complain.

This is how your neck muscles feel when the ligaments

have been injured and the muscles are weak.”


That is just what my neck felt like, but still, I didn’t do those exercises. And was I ever paying the price. There is an old adage:


“People don’t change until they see the price they are paying

for staying the way they are.”

So, I have begun an exercise regimen that is strengthening my neck. This is keeping that “bowling ball” from leaning out in front of me, hanging on those delicate muscles and ligaments.

On that same note, my core exercise routine is tightening the muscles in my abdomen and buttocks, keeping my spine and hips in place and protected. I am standing straighter and am amazed at the pain relief.

There is another benefit. While riding in the car over a series of speed bumps, I engaged my neck muscles as I have been instructed. This kept my head from flopping around and aggravating my neck. Engaging my core muscles worked for my hips as well. This stability is fabulous!

What was I thinking, ignoring the professionals in my life? Fortunately, I turned a corner in my intention. This helped me turn the corner in my health early enough to reverse the damage before it became irreversible.

Next time you visit Dr. Roberts or Dr. Colwell, be sure to ask what exercises they recommend.

Then do them. If you are like me, you’ll treasure having your strength back again.

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