The Local Pour: Turn up the heat on your wine, enjoy Gløgg all winter long

Just because the holidays are behind us, does not mean the festivities have to end.  Treat yourself to your favorite holiday beverage, Winter Gløgg, all season long.  Gløgg — or mulled wine as the English call it — is a sweet, spiced wine seasoned with baking spices, oranges and brown sugar, and served warm.  A longtime Scandinavian tradition, Gløgg is typically made from scratch on the stove top and simmered to perfection to enjoy on a cold winter night.  For your drinking pleasure, EdenVale Winery of Medford, OR has simplified the process and bottled a seasonal release of Gløgg for wine drinkers to enjoy at home.

In past winter seasons, the Medford winery made Gløgg from scratch in single batches and served it by the glass in their tasting rooms.  Patrons always loved the delicious spiced wine and looked forward to it every winter.  This is the second year EdenVale produced a large batch at the winery and bottled it for guests to enjoy in the comfort of their home.  Providing bottled mulled wine allows everyone to have a consistently delicious wine that is excellent for the cold winter months.

New this year, EdenVale added their Winter Gløgg to their Growler Program.  Guests are invited to fill their wine growlers, or any sealable container, with Gløgg to purchase by the ounce.  Wine growlers are an excellent eco-friendly, cost-effective way to enjoy world class wine.  Gløgg is available on tap for growler fills at EdenVale Winery’s tasting room at 2310 Voorhies Rd. in Medford and at EdenVale’s Ashland tasting room, Enoteca Wine Bar & Bistro, at 17 N. Main St. in the downtown Ashland Plaza.

EdenVale’s Winter Gløgg is perfect to share with friends and family at any time.  Wine drinkers can heat Gløgg right out of the bottle, on the stove top or in the microwave without having to wait an hour for the flavors to develop if one were to make it from scratch.

Guests are invited to try a free sample of the warmed beverage at EdenVale Winery’s tasting room in Medford and at Enoteca Wine Bar & Bistro in Ashland.  You can enjoy a warm glass of Winter Gløgg for just $6 and bring some home with you for just $16 a bottle or 60cents/ounce for a growler fill.


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