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The New Anti-Aging Treatment- Microcurrent

Over the past three months more and more of my clients are falling in love with Facial Microcurrent treatments. The Microcurrent is delivered through cotton tipped wands. Painless impulses to the facial muscles help to relax and recover its strength and re-educate the muscles so they are relaxed, yet properly toned. This effect on the muscle fibers diminishes the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles by improving texture and appearance of skin while reducing the overall visual appearance of aging.

Microcurrent therapy applies low-current (sub-sensory) electricity in a way which mirrors the cells’ own bioelectric processes to help tissues heal and regenerate themselves. Increased bioelectric activity within the cells makes them more permeable, increasing their metabolism and enhancing essential nutrient production such as proteins and ATP. This process optimizes the way the skin and soft tissues of the face work at the cellular level.

My clients rave about this technology because it’s safe, painless, non-surgical and non-invasive. This cosmetic procedure enhances skin tone while brightening its glow. My clients appreciate there is no recovery time and feel it is a wonderful natural alterative to facelifts.

Some wonderful benefits of Microcurrent are:

~Improves the health and appearance of the skin
~Tightens and firms aging skin
~Tones the muscles on the face and neck
~Uplifts sagging eyebrows and jowls
~Heals scars and blemishes
~Reduces and eliminates fine lines and wrinkles
~Stimulates the production of collagen for the skin and tissues
~Increases lymphatic drainage while decreasing inflammation
~Tightens enlarged pores

The results are immediate and the benefits are cumulative. I typically recommend 6 to 12 sessions once or twice per week. Of course I am happy to discuss how this facial toning technique may benefit you.

For the month of August and September I am offering a special to add on a microcurrent treatment to any facial for only $25 ($50 value).


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