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Why Shop Locally?
Your Bloomsbury Bookstore:

  • Offers assistance selecting books—ask us for recommendations
  • Hosts author talks and book signings
  • Stocks local authors and publishers
  • Offers a membership discount program for locals
  • Supports local education, arts and other causes through donations
  • Places special orders for books not in stock (most available in 1-2 days)
  • Will research and acquire rare and out of print books
  • Provides free gift-wrap

Bloomsbury Books is the place where the past and present converge—where readers, writers, publishers and our community all matter. Whether you are book browsing or sipping a drink in the coffeehouse, Bloomsbury is your bookstore.

Bloomsbury September Events:

09/09/2013, 7 p.m.:
Author reading: The Accidental Snake Thief, by Matheu DeSilva

09/12/2013, 7 p.m.:
Author reading: Gypsy Flamenco, by Dolores DeLeon

9/19/2013, 7 p.m.:
Author reading: Digging Holes in my Soul, by Dean Schole

Eat, Shop, Read Local Window Display

Banned Books Week Display

Through September
Table display of Shakespeare’s England