The Secret Guide to Wine Tasting

When you visit EdenVale Enoteca, or any of Southern Oregon’s many wine tasting rooms, we don’t expect everyone to be a wine expert.  After all, learning more about wine and what we do is why you’re here!

But there are a few unwritten rules of tasting that might be helpful on your next outing.  These tips work at any wine tasting event and will help make your experience much more enjoyable.

You don’t need to rinse your glass with water between each wine.  Water will dilute your next taste much more that the little drop of wine left in your glass.

Feel free to dump a wine that you don’t like. We will not be offended.  Remember, your palate is the only one that counts when it comes to wine.  If you don’t like it, dump it out and try something else.

Feel free to compliment a wine that you really like, but please refrain from trashing a wine that doesn’t suit you.  Just quietly dump it out, and move on.  Someone next to you might really like that wine, and you don’t want to offend them.

Wine tasting rooms should be a fragrance-free zone.  Heavy perfumes or lotions really overwhelm the senses and can adversely affect a tasting.  You won’t fully appreciate the wine, nor will the people standing close to you.

Ask questions.  Tasting room staff are thrilled that you are interested in their wine and we want you to know more about it.  Just remember that others may be waiting for a tasting, so perhaps move off to the side if you have a lot of questions.

When you taste a wine – sniff, swirl and sip.   The aroma of a wine plays a large part in how it tastes, and swirling releases the aromas as you sip the wine.

Finally, have fun!  Wine tastings are wonderful social events that bring together a wide variety of people with a wide variety of tastes.  It’s fun to bond with complete strangers over the sweet nectar of the grape!

EdenVale Enoteca is open seven days a week from noon-7p.m. at 17 N. Main St. in the downtown Ashland Plaza.  We proudly offer red and white wine tasting flights from Southern Oregon and invite you to stop by and impress us with your wine tasting etiquette.