The secret to hormone success: add a cleanse and gut rebuild program

Like many women, until it bothered me, I was unaware of perimenopause.  Even as a physician, I had no idea that I could experience 10 to 20 years of hormonal issues before menopause occurs.  

During perimenopause, the ovaries are not reliably producing the same amount of hormone each month.   Hormone levels may fluctuate.  Symptoms can consist of severe mood swings, PMS, and diminishing libido.  You may have difficulty managing weight, poor sleep, and feelings of vulnerability.  Some women experience severe fatigue making it a challenge to even get out of bed.  Further confusing matters, the symptoms can fluctuate wildly each month.  The number of days in your cycle may change drastically, and you may skip several periods and then restart it again.  Perhaps old coping mechanisms, such as yoga, exercise, or coffee, are less effective than before.   

This takes most women and their health provider by surprise.  They often do not link their irritability and overwhelm to an underlying hormonal imbalance.  Instead, they incorrectly assume the normal aging process or underlying psychological issues are to blame.  Even worse, women blame themselves saying ‘If only I was stronger, more disciplined, more organized… I would be able to handle this.’  To my great dismay, women are often prescribed anti-depressants or anti-anxiety medications to mask the symptoms with no further evaluation.  

If this wasn’t challenging enough, we also have accumulated decades of environmental and emotional toxins.  Our sex, thyroid, and adrenal glands, fragile fatty tissue, are a common depot for these toxins.  Toxic glands do not function properly.  Increasing toxins, coupled with misguided eating habits and a demanding lifestyle, may overwhelm our own natural detox system (i.e. the gut, lymphatic system, liver, gall bladder, etc.).  Finally, as toxins build, your brain and body tissue are not as responsive to the hormones and there is tissue resistance.  

An experienced doctor will appropriately measure and treat your hormone imbalance.  Most importantly, they will also encourage a program to cleanse the body and strengthen the gut, a key detox organ.  As you decrease toxins, you may not only make more hormones, but also be more responsive to them.  This is the secret to hormone success.

As your symptoms decrease, your vitality will likely return.  You may even decrease or stop your hormone replacement therapy altogether.  Combining hormonal support with detox and gut health increases the likelihood of success.  Hormone therapy without diet and lifestyle changes will miss a huge potential to transform your life.

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