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The Spinal Column: Have you tried the Nasal Specific Technique?

If you or a loved one suffers from sinus congestion, headaches, snoring, chronic fatigue, ear infections, vertigo or simply “brain fog,” then I suggest you read on.  All of these conditions, which are often unresponsive to traditional types of care, may be alleviated or even eliminated by a special treatment called the Nasal Specific Technique (NST).

NST, which was developed throughout the 20th century by chiropractic physicians, is performed by inserting a small balloon into the nasal passages and inflating the balloon rapidly and then releasing the air pressure.  In doing so, the nasal passages are decongested and the cranial sutures are unlocked, releasing stress from the nervous system and increasing the flow of oxygen, blood, and cerebrospinal fluid to the brain.  When stress is removed and balance restored, the body easily heals itself.

While there are no guarantees that this treatment will cure a given condition, I’ve found the results to be miraculous at times.  Below is a diagram depicting the procedure.  It shows a balloon attached to a blood pressure bulb inserted into one of the nasal passages.

[Dr. Casey Frieder is one of the few physicians in Southern Oregon who offer this unique and effective treatment]

If you have questions about whether the Nasal Specific Technique can help you or someone you know, please email drcaseyfrieder@gmail.com or call 541-482-3492 for a free consultation.

“For years I have suffered with chronic sinusitis, sinus infections, vertigo and ear infections that quite honestly made many of my days miserable!  With great reluctance I have taken over the counter sinus remedies to try to alleviate the pressure and not only did they not work very well but I have concerns about the long term affect this stuff has on my body.  Since having the Nasal Specific treatments I have not had a sinus issue and further more I am shocked that I can breathe better.  I am a very active person and I didn’t realize how restricted my breathing had been.  The treatment is a ‘weird’ sensation but nothing painful.  Thanks for taking care of me and my sinuses. We are much happier now!  I highly recommend this procedure to anyone with sinus issues and Casey Frieder is a knowledgeable and caring physician.”  –Janet McNown

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