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The Trauma of Treatment: How to survive and thrive in facing illness and chemo brain

Hearing a cancer diagnosis is an emotional shock that causes a form of Post-Traumatic Stress Syndrome in the brain.  Added to the emotional trauma are the physical and emotional stresses of the treatment itself. A further dilemma is that we know healing is optimal when we are in a relaxed and peaceful state of mind and yet we are invaded by fears, worries and concerns.

Brainwave Optimization is a non-invasive process that quiets and relaxes the brain, allowing it to recover from PTSD and enter treatment in an optimal, relaxed state. Following cancer treatment the brainwave training can help restore the brain to a vibrantly healthy and clear functioning state.

From the American Cancer Society website:

“For years cancer survivors have worried about the mental cloudiness after cancer treatment.  Even though its exact cause isn’t known, this mental fog is commonly called chemo brain. The distressing mental changes that cancer patients notice are real not imagined. They might last a short time, or they might go on for years.”

Lee Gerdes, founder of Brain State Technologies, was diagnosed earlier this year with a form of curable lung cancer.  His medical treatments at the Mayo Clinic included chemotherapy.  Throughout the process Lee continued to receive Brainwave sessions which proved to be critically important in his healing process. Lee presented a BrainTalk webinar on October 24 about cancer patients and the use of Brainwave Optimization to mitigate the negative effects of cancer treatment. Lee discussed what happens in the brain with chemotherapy and why some patients are so depressed even when they are getting better from the cancer. Find out from Lee’s personal experience the important things that people undergoing cancer treatment can do for themselves. Watch or listen to this important talk at:

Please pass this information to friends and family members – this can make a critical difference in their healing process. At Ashland Brain Harmony we offer free consultations.  Find out how this advanced technology supports the healing process as well as how brainwave optimization can improve all areas of your life experience.


“Over the past year my life has gotten progressively more peaceful.  I have come to describe my new life as a state of ‘effortless being ‘.  Inner calm has replaced my past inner state of anxiousness.”
– PW, Ashland, Oregon


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