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The Truth about Body Impressions

by Pete Emori & Mike Williams

Have you ever bought a new pair of shoes that felt perfect on your feet, but over time became less and less comfortable?  Mattresses are very similar, our bodies change, and so do our comfort levels.  The recommended time to replace a mattress is every 5-8 years, not because the bed is broken down but rather individual needs change.  One of the biggest reasons many people shop for a new mattress is that it has a valley or a firmer center ridge in the bed, which makes it uncomfortable.

There are 2 types of impressions left in the bed and the two are very different.  The first is comfort impressions, which are normal indentions left in the mattress from nightly sleep.  The second is body impressions. These tend to be much deeper valleys caused by foundation or core failure internally, which causes the bed to sink.  Modern spring beds are designed to remember body shapes and sleeping position, which in turn leads to a slight visual contouring shape in the mattress.  As time elapses our bodies change. What we found comfortable 10 years ago may not be comfortable today.

When trying to figure out where one falls in this category, keep track of nightly issues.  Ask one’s self; am I waking up with any back, neck, shoulder, or hip pain? Are these pains worse in the morning? Is the overall comfort of the bed too soft or firm?  Keep a tab and come in and talk to us, we’ve got your back!


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