Things I Can Fix…

Arborists rarely add anything to a tree. If we could add limbs, how sweet it would be! If parts of your tree were removed to its detriment, time is about the only fix, but oftentimes, that doesn’t bode well either. Some construction impacts cannot be reversed and preventative measures should be taken well in advance, WAY before the project starts.

Branch stubs left from improper pruning is something I can fix, but cuts made inside the branch collar, or “flush cuts,” are impossible to repair. Compacted soil can be loosened or fluffed, but raising of the existing grade will make for an arduous task if it is even practical to do so.

A severely pruned tree may be retrained or reformed if it survives, but that takes a lot of time, skill and dedication, i.e. money… It just might be better to pull your ropes and count your losses as they say, and start over with a new tree.

Some trees are so important to some that ANYTHING that will help the tree survive will be utilized unless of course it croaks…

Broken branches cannot be repaired, but cracks and longitudinal splitting can almost always be drilled/bolted with a good deal of success

I am told sometimes that “my tree is too tall” so I just know I am going to have a hard time talking the client out of “topping” their otherwise perfect tree.

Adding goodness to the soil in the form of mulching. introduction of beneficial fungi, and aeration is easy peasy and cost effective as well.

It is simple to add water to soil but difficult to remove it from the soil in a ‘too wet for the tree’ scenario so plan(t) accordingly.

I have never been able to make more room for a tree but can usually make the tree fit the spot it is in with a little imagination. You can put ANY tree ANYwhere if you keep in mind that while you can’t make a big tree small, but you can KEEP a big tree small!

If your tree is leaning and it hasn’t been in the ground for more than a year or so, that can usually be remedied, but straightening a leaning mature tree will so not happen.

Trees that are in decline are the hardest problem for me to “fix” and it is usually a battle just to keep them strumming along, but sometimes I just get lucky.

Trees that have been “bastardized” by overzealous powerline right of way pruning cannot be repaired, but may, over time, be brought back into scale.

If you have a tree that needs fixing give me a call, but remember, I am a beautician, not a magician…

As always, plant high and often…

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