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Time for Reflection

You have something in your teeth. No, the next tooth over on the other side. No, higher. Yes, right there! You’ve got it!  Nope, still there.

Have you ever been there before? If you have, then you know the value of a mirror. Whether it’s removing a bit of spinach from between your teeth, fixing your hair after coming in out of the rain, or just making sure everything’s in place before leaving for work, mirrors are essential to our self-maintenance.

Brainwave Optimization® is a revolutionary process based in cutting-edge brain research that utilizes next-generation technology, but ultimately, it’s just a mirror for your brain; simple as that. It is a way to reflect the brain’s activity back to the brain in real-time and in such a fashion that the brain is able to perceive its own sub-optimal patterns and self-correct toward greater balance and harmony. Notice that Brainwave Optimization isn’t fixing the brain any more than your mirror is combing your hair. The brain uses Brainwave Optimization to facilitate its auto-calibration, but the brain itself does all the work. And that’s the reason Brainwave Optimization works so well.  And then that balanced brain will help you achieve better sleep, less stress, more peace.

Here at Ashland Brain Harmony, Dan and Deborah offer a relaxing and safe place for your brain to take that look in the mirror.  Deborah’s background is in Social Services, and that, combined with energetic and spirituality interests, provides a great atmosphere that is competent and caring.  Dan’s background is in computers and he loves, loves, loves research into the mysteries of the brain.  His interest in spiritual growth also contributes to the wonderful experience we provide.

Our clients actually agree:

“If I could some up the process in one word, it would be grace.  After years of work with my past traumas, hearing the sounds my brain created to balance itself opened something that had been locked for years.  Working with my clients and students, I stress two things, their personal responsibility to make different choices and the ability to surrender to the power of grace.  The essence of brain training is the latter, all you have to do during the sessions is get out of the way, just hear your own symphony and let the sounds do the rest.  I have such gratitude towards Dan and Deborah for facilitating this grace and the shift that began during my assessment and continues even a month after the intensive.”

As always, consultations are free.  Call us at 541-482-1542 or go to our website at

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