Top 40 Sports Movies

1. Brian's Song (1971)

2. Field of Dreams

3. Facing the Giants

4. Bang the Drum Slowly

5. The Natural

6. Pride of the Yankees

7. League of Their Own

8. Rocky

9. Bend It Like Beckham

10. Diggstown

11. 61

12. Major League

13. Bad News Bears (1976)

14. Necessary Roughness

15. Rookie of the Year

16. Mighty Ducks

17. Cool Runnings

18. Gridiron Gang

19. Little Giants

20. Rudy

21. Miracle

22. Rookie

23. Wild Cats

24. Talent for the Game

25. Remember the Titans

26. Invincible

27. Hoosiers

28. Happy Gilmore

29. Mr. Baseball

30. Sandlot

31. Breaking Away

32. Chariots of Fire

33. The Match

34. Mystery Alaska

35. Men With Brooms

36. Sixth Man

37. Slap Shot

38. Greatest Game Ever Played

39. Days of Thunder

40. Eight Men Out

It has come to our attention that we missed a few sports movies. Here is a short list of them:

North Dallas Forty

All the Right Moves


The Hustler

Requiem for a Heavyweight

Friday Night Lights

The Longest Yard(1974)

Bull Durham

Raging Bull


If there are any other sports movies we have missed let us know and we will post them.


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