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True Health is Always Present

As a chiropractic physician, my job is to help people restore and enhance their health by removing dis-ease, or interference patterns in the physical, emotional, and mental bodies.  It is very important to attend to the health of the body, but it is even more important to realize that the foundation of true health is not in your diet or at the gym, but rather in your thoughts and your awareness of what is real and unaffected by sickness or disease.  This month I’d like to share some healthy thoughts about the body from a wise teacher named Byron Katie.

“Bodies don’t think, care, or have any problem with themselves.  They never beat themselves up or shame themselves.  They simply try to keep themselves balanced and to heal themselves.  They are entirely efficient, intelligent, kind, and resourceful.  Where there’s no thought, there’s no problem.  It’s the story we believe, prior to investigation, that leaves us confused.  My pain can’t be my body’s fault.  I tell the story of my body, and because I haven’t inquired, I believe that my body is the problem and that if only this or that changed, I would be happy.”

“Your body is not your business.  If you need a doctor, go to one.  That way you get to be free.  Your body is your doctor’s business.  Your business is your thinking, and in the peace of that, you’re very clear about what to do.  And then the body becomes a lot of fun, because you’re not invested in whether it lives or dies.  It’s nothing more than a metaphor for your thinking, mirrored back to you.”

(Excerpts from “Byron Katie on Health Sickness, and Death” edited by Stephen Mitchell)

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