Unique Massage & Bodywork Mentorships Available

Over the past 16 years, I have been blessed to study massage and bodywork all over the globe. I see the techniques I learned and the experience I gained like exotic seeds that I collected and brought home to plant. The ‘seeds’ have grown into a plentiful garden that has served my own professional satisfaction and that of my clients for many years.

As a bodywork ‘gardener,’ I have also had the privilege of passing on some of these precious seeds to fellow massage therapists by offering continuing education classes.

Last year I began an Advanced Bodywork Mentorship program.  We meet two evenings a month for three hours each night to explore various dimensions of being a bodywork practitioner.  It has been so rich for me to see participates grow and connect more with their healing gifts.

Classes are very experiential, mainly hands-on, and done in a small, personalized learning environment (with a maximum of six students). We’ll explore new techniques, address our own body symptoms, and collaborate to help with challenging client issues. We will also receive some quality bodywork from fellow massage therapists who are dedicated to continuing their own growth.

This program is suited for both newer therapists who are hungry for guidance and deeper learning, and for seasoned therapists looking to be recharged and expand their current relationship to their practice.

Besides teaching techniques, as a mentor, I will also help to draw out your own hidden gifts and bring your unique expression in massage forward. If desired, I will offer insight on practice building, marketing, self care, and offer guidance in creating vision and balance for your practice and life.

Each evening, all lessons will be customized for the group. The lessons will also be filmed and available for participant review. As NCTMB Approved Continuing Education, participants will receive 3 CE Hours for each class. These hours are also valid for Oregon Massage Board contact hour requirements.

If you’re a massage or bodywork therapist and are intrigued by the prospect of collaborating with other enthusiastic practitioners, please visit my website to learn more about the Advanced Bodywork Mentorship program: www.CoCreativeHealing.com or speak with me directly at 541-497-0717.

Two spots are available for my upcoming April class. If the fit is right, I would love to include one or two more therapists in our circle.