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My initial inspiration for becoming an esthetician was born (unknowingly) in India while studying yoga and Ayurveda.  During this transformative time of my life I received a facial where the vegetable, fruit and herb ingredients were alchemically prepared in their raw form and applied directly to my skin.  This experience left me amazed at how sensationally alive and vibrant my skin felt.  Fast forward four years when I met Margret Skarin of The Body Deli in Palm Desert.  I found her story compelling; The Body Deli was essentially conceived after her struggle with a severe auto-immune disorder which left her unable to work with conventional esthetic products.  She developed The Body Deli products which are raw and all organic; this enabled her to continue her work as an esthetician without the side effects of using unnatural and overly processed products.   I was pregnant at the time and informed by my holistic lifestyle I was conscious of what I put into my body and how it would affect, not just my skin, but the other systemic processes responsible for keeping myself and my unborn child healthy.

I was fortunate to spend time studying The Body Deli products and understanding the alchemy behind their design.  This experience brought me back to my college educated roots of human nutrition where I learned that what you put into and onto your body will ultimately be adsorbed and processed.  The skin, famously known as the largest organ in the body, is capable of drawing in nutrients from topical applications.  Like the food we put in our body, we also want the food we put on our skin to be optimized in the most pure form; raw and organic.  I have chosen to use The Body Deli products because they embody my philosophy of using the purest, most natural and effective form of plants, herbs and minerals.

The affects that The Body Deli products have on my clients continues to amaze me; not only do they enhance healthy vibrant skin, but they support healthy organs by eliminating unnecessary metabolic by-products.  A product I have enjoyed using with great results is from the Sprouted Cucumber Collection which is a green drink for your skin comprised of sprouted greens, kombucha tea, cucumber juice, sea vegetables, and hyaluronic acid.   This is effectively hydrating and cooling to the skin.  One of my personal favorite products is from the Palm Springs Collection of raw organic dates; these dates are handpicked from the California dessert at the height of their ripeness and formulated in a peel.   The Palm Springs Peel will give your complexion the glow of pure healthy skin.

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