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What is Therapeutic Exercise?

Therapeutic Exercise is more than getting our heart rates up, toning our muscles, and gaining flexibility. It’s about moving wisely, from our centers, with as little tension as possible. Whenever we recruit unnecessary muscular tension to make motion, we burn extra energy and recruit the sympathetic nervous system which ties up the body’s healing capacity.

At Inward Bound, we encourage students to focus inward as they move. We focus on alignment and joint health, core support and breath. But within this realm, there are many modalities to choose from.

Pilates has a definite core centered focus. Movements are designed to create proper alignment, breath, centering, control, precision, flow, integration and concentration. Ultimately, they help students create more efficient movement.

At the heart of the Gyrotonic Method are circular and spiral motions, which balance the nervous system, and create a sense of expansion. This method also focuses on the extremities and the constant flow and connection between two end points, which creates more communication in the joints, thus more fluid motion.

Kaiut Yoga is a unique form of Yoga to help regain joint mobility throughout the body no matter the age and experience of a student.  It works by applying sustained pressure to joints while asking the nervous system to deeply relax.  Students report feeling calmer and experiencing increased mobility.

Aerial Yoga Rx begins to address different systems of the body, such as the endocrine, lymphatic and digestive systems. The unique, floating positions, upside down work and compression from the swing are regenerative and detoxifying.

Therapeutic exercise can also be something that feels good and is fun to do, and not just something we’re glad that we’ve done when we finish. That is actually an important component of the therapy. When we lift our spirit during exercise by making it a movement meditation practice, we can rejoin the world with neutrality. Then, when we meet aversion, we respond with a bigger reserve.

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