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What Lies Beneath?

You have been hurting for weeks; maybe months.  No amount of massaging or pills has made a difference. Your head aches.  Or, the pain might be traveling down your leg or arm.  What is going on?

These are health problems that need an accurate diagnosis and treatment plan.  They may also need an x-ray to understand what is happening below the skin level.

An x-ray can help differentiate between less problematic mechanical problems and more serious conditions such as tumors, arthritis, or bone spurs.  Effective treatment will depend on what your doctor finds on the x-ray film.

At Roberts Chiropractic, we utilize our x-ray machine not only for the complex problems that arise, but also for other injuries where an x-ray is required.

Dr. Scott has 20 years in the x-ray field and is competent to diagnose, manage, and create chiropractic treatment plans for patients in the Rogue Valley.

So, with all the advantages an x-ray offers why the bad press? A set of full spine x-rays at Roberts Chiropractic will deliver the same amount of radiation a traveler would receive from flying across the U.S. in an airplane.  Not so bad, considering the benefits.

A chiropractor not only uses static x-rays, but also functional views—those with the patient in a posture that simulates their pain and joint function. This allows the function of the region to be studied.

Here is a good example:  a twelve-year-old girl had experienced two weeks of neck pain. The average practitioner would treat the problem conservatively for 4-8 weeks before making a decision to do take an x-ray.

However, because x-rays were taken immediately, it was discovered there was a tumor eating away the front portion of two of her vertebrae. Immediate referral made the chiropractor a hero. The tumor was removed in San Francisco with great results.

Another example:  a patient was adjusted for four weeks with some improvement.  However, when x-rays were taken in a bent position, another segment was sited that was not moving.  The doctor changed his adjustments, resulting in immediate release.

Are you baffled by your unrelenting symptoms?  Make an appointment at Roberts Chiropractic and let Dr. Roberts provide a competent evaluation of your problem.

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