What Makes Co-Creative Healing Different? A Client’s Perspective

Receiving a massage is a deeply personal experience. When another person touches your body, they are touching more than just muscles, bones, and flesh –receiving a massage is a complex dance of physical sensation that can impacts more than just your physical body. Too many massage therapists turn away from this fact and pretend a massage isn’t personal – but massage is innately personal.

There have been many times in my life where I had an injury or was in pain and just felt I needed a massage as soon as possible – and I didn’t carefully select my massage therapist. During these sessions, I lay on the table with only a sheet partially covering my body and just felt . . . uncomfortable. I felt awkward, strange, or unsatisfied by the way the therapist was touching me and how they were relating with me. My excuse for how uncomfortable I felt during the massage or from its residual effects was that I was just a “sensitive” person and so it was always uncomfortable to be touched by a someone I didn’t know.

It wasn’t until I received massage and bodywork from Stephanie for the first time that I realized that maybe it was actually natural to have felt uncomfortable during previous massages.

Stephanie is caring, curious, and treats my body as sacred. I am not just another body on her table. I’m a soul, a heart, and a body. I have had tears come during many sessions, because of the deeply touching experience it is to be cared for in such a personal and real way.

Stephanie intuitively feels areas that are storing wounds or pain, and she touches the areas in a way that is not by rote, but is unique and responsive to that moment and that particular concern. I instantly feel relief because I feel like she ‘gets’ me. Even if I don’t say anything, she knows what’s going on for me and what my body needs.  The results of her work have been transformative. Among many changes, I had painful chronic spasms in my mid-back that have fully resolved. One of the reasons why deep transformation happens is because Stephanie is not just a massage therapist. She skillfully practices many massage and bodywork techniques. From Deep Tissue Massage, to Shiatsu, to Cupping, to Thai Massage, she incorporates whatever is technique will best serve the issue. There’s no need to see various therapists. Yet Stephanie’s experience becomes almost irrelevant. Her years of training and “toolbox” of techniques just fade into the background, because what I end up receiving is always far more than I could imagine and exactly what I need.