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What’s in a Name?

If I asked for the purpose of “Quantum Computer Services,” you might guess it had to do with the set-up and maintenance of computers. However, if I said, “America Online,” or their latest name change, “AOL,” you would recognize them as the online service giant.

The point? Colwell Chiropractic has added a new name, the “Pain and Accident Recovery Center.”

Why? We wanted a name that clearly states our goal: Recovery. From pain. From accidents. So what is different? Well, our message. We want our neighbors to hear what our patients already know:

They will be met by friendly, efficient staff
They will receive knowledgeable and effective treatment
They will have their concerns met by an experienced doctor

Occasionally, Dr. John Colwell will comment to the staff, “It was great to see so-and-so after several years. I thought maybe they moved, but they’ve been fine, just did something different and needed a little help. They left feeling great.”

Simple story. However, for the person in pain, it is a GREAT story. It means they can recover their mobility and return to work sooner, save on pain prescriptions, and find faster pain relief.

We like the word, “recovery.” If you ever suffer from back or neck pain, or other injuries caused by an accident, you will too. Please visit our website at: and read testimonies of those who have benefitted from chiropractic.

As for the “Pain and Accident,” part of our new name, we want people to know we are available for them when they need us. No one plans on an accident and no one wants to stay in pain any longer than they have to. If you are hurting, call us.

Another business name you might not recognize, “BackRub.” Any guesses? Its owners, Larry Brin and Serge Page revolutionized search engine technology and in 1998 renamed their company, “Google.”


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