The Invincibility Series

Whose Life are you living anyhow?

With scientific research revealing that up to 95% of the time we can be focused from our unconscious mind, it is imperative that we learn to train our minds so we are not relegated to someone else’s programming.  It is also crucial that we go beyond our mind, into that wellspring of pure Us, pure God, if you will, us at our Highest and most profound levels.

We practice the varied and necessary practices at the Invincibility Series so that each individual may perfect their own path.  We say, mind alone or Spirituality alone, does not a fully functioning, happy and successful human being make.  As above so below, and as below so above has been a long standing spiritual metaphor.  Now we see evidence in quantum physics saying this is a true scientific statement as well.  If you can have a well rounded, perfectly balanced life featuring strong mind, body AND spirit, and we say you can, how great is that?  Beyond great we say!

The Invincibility Series exists to provide you with the most powerful, profound and simultaneously easy to apply processes and trainings so that, when applied, anyone may gain what they truly desire.

Five years ago a young man in his late 30s with Down’s syndrome, attended our one Day Seminar, now entitled “Got Freed-Aum.”  His BIG dream was to move to L.A. from Medford, Oregon where he lived in his mother’s home, to enjoy the big adventure of owning, living and loving his own life.  Within five weeks of taking just one program, he was on his way, moved to L.A. and continues to live the life of his innermost dreams come true.

If he can, you can! What are you waiting for?

The time is ripe with opportunity for those who choose to be the master of their own fate, the captain of their own vessel.  When you discover what’s keeping you from going forward, you can re-write all the subconscious agendas necessary to begin raising your vibrational frequencies to the levels that dismantle the ‘less-than’ experiences of past indoctrination and install the new self-programming that brings you from where you once resided to where you wish to live now!

Now is the time!  This is Your life!  Command it as you desire it to be!  You CAN and WILL have what you seek!

Blessings on this and all days of your most remarkable life!



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