Why I’m Doing This

Sometimes I have to wonder.

No, but seriously, it’s a mission. I am doing this because I was skeptical of my available food choices, and I thought, if I want to really understand what I’m eating, I’d better produce  it myself.  And that philosophy progressed, through a few years of vegetarianism, to raising and killing pigs on the farm, to owning and running a butcher shop that uses the absolute highest quality products and traditional artisanal practices to produce fine hand crafted meats. I have had A LOT of help along the way, and still do have a wonderful team of chefs, butchers, charcutiers, and customer service stars that impress me every day with their hard work and their dedication to this craft. And I am very proud of what we are providing to this valley.

Another reason that I thought opening this shop would be a good idea is because it would enable me, and actually force me, to communicate with people about these issues. Education has been a huge part of what we have been doing at Boulton & Son. Usually, the conversation starts around price. If someone walks into our store and is unaware of what we are doing, the prices are going to surprise them. But if they are able to really take in how different we are from what they are used to, and that our products are entirely hand made in house, with the best quality ingredients, and if they actually taste what we are making, then they come to realize that our prices are fair and real. We are supporting Oregon farmers, AWA slaughterhouse workers, a trucking company, nine employees, our landlord, all kinds of utility companies, local food producers, authors, etc.  And all of these people are acting with integrity and working together with us to produce an excellent product. I am grateful to them all, and to be able to support them.

And I know that there are more questions to be answered and issues to be discussed, and I am looking forward to continuing to learn and to make our shop a better and more responsive community forum. With that in mind, I would like to quickly introduce Melissa Greene. Melissa is a Certified Clinical Nutritionist who believes in making choices that support vital life of the body and the planet. She has run the gamut from hospitalized anorexic, to committed vegetarian, herbalist, medical personal chef, fermenter, hunter-gatherer, and nutritional counselor.  Melissa is going to be hosting monthly “salon” type conversations about the food we eat, how we can make better choices for our health, and the health of our planet, local community, etc. The first conversation will be at Boulton & Son on Tuesday, June 11 at 7:45pm. Starting off with a bang, Melissa will be encouraging a conversation around “religious and spiritual perspectives on being a carnivore”. I hope you will join us…

Thank you for all your support so far.

Elisa Boulton