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Irene’s Jokes Part – Kicked Out of Bi-Mart

Well, I am sure you all have noticed or will notice in this next issue tht one of the favorite long term columns ‘Irene’s Jokes’ was NIXED, Killed, DONE,…

Ok to make it a bit more specific we got KICKED Out of BI-Mart.
I mean, WTF…. Irene couldn’t hurt a fly. All she did was make people laugh.. Perhaps  bit to much… that some piss poor sports got their feeling hurt and then called Bi-Mart  HQ to complain. Well that was enought for the SH!T to hit the fan and the jokes of the month got canned.
It’s also fair to say we received a few phone calls from people calling to b$#@! about the some of the jokes we ran.
Come on people, get over your little identity.
Your a person on this planet…. just like everyone else and if you can’t laugh about it.. well then….
Just go on with your little story.
The jokes will continue!!
Just remember alot of people are gonna miss those jokes. Poor Irene can’t even joke about it anymore. And to think about it… People went to Bi-Mart just to tell her jokes.
Little kids waited in line to share their jokes in the hope they got printed in the paper.. and many did.
Then you had to come along and complain.
Thanks for raining on our parade. – I hope you feel good.
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Many of you may know Irene as the charismatic customer service rep from Bi-Mart. But did you know she collects jokes? That's right! You can visit Irene at Bi-Mart and drop off your jokes. At the end of the month, Irene goes through all the hilarious submissions and chooses the funniest. Got a gut-buster you've been dying to make public? Go see Irene at Bi-Mart!

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