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Why Jewelry?

Jewelry is more than just a decorative fashion item; it has held a distinctive and valuable place in human evolution throughout history.

Jewelry has always been a part of human culture. From the time our ancestors started using tools, they produced jewelry from stones, feathers, plants, bones, shells, wood, and natural glass.  Items that were initially created purely for function, such as carved bones to hold clothing together, later grew into objects of ornamentation. Early man made necklaces and bracelets of bones and teeth, hung from animal sinew, as decorative trophies of triumphant hunts.  Primitive jewelry recounted events and relayed stories.

As human culture evolved, wearing jewelry developed into a statement of social status and wealth; a non-verbal display of rank, affiliation or religious belief. Gems and precious metals have been valued as currency for tens of thousands of years and “royal jewels” have historically secured the wealth of kingdoms and dynasties.   In modern times, jewelry has taken on a significant role as a symbol of affection and commitment and an important gift to signify and celebrate life’s most important moments and events.

Today, jewelry is increasingly recognized as a form of personal expression; a statement of personal style. Just like her clothing or hair style, a woman’s jewelry should be a reflection of who she is and how she wants to be perceived by the world.

Advancing technology has enabled artisans to manipulate metals and precious gems into works of art that are more varied and more accessible then ever before.  At Bella Terra we are proud to showcase beautifully crafted jewelry from innovative designers.  From bold to refined, classic to modern, minimal to embellished, we strive to offer designs that will resonate with a wide range of tastes and esthetics and budgets.  If you have never visited our store, please stop by soon.  If you have already experienced Bella Terra, come in to see what’s new; our collection is always changing and evolving and we love to share our love of jewelry and gems.

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