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Yoga and Younion

The ancient spiritual science of yoga is a growing trend in the western world, yet often poorly understood.  Yoga at its fundamental essence is the practice of being comfortable in human form.  The practice offers a means of stilling the turbulence of thoughts and restlessness of body that prevent us from connecting with essential Truth.  Yoga means “union” especially of the individual consciousness with the Universal Consciousness.  Though many people think of yoga only as stretching, the ‘asanas’ or postures are actually only a superficial aspect of this profound practice of unfolding the infinite potential of the body, mind and spirit. Yes, Yoga will help in flexibility, but the practice will also assist in an increase of balance and strength; both physically and mentally. Simply put, Yoga is meditation and workout combined into one.  Through yoga, connect with your inner guide, who will lead you to the optimal health and well-being available to you in this human experience.

Yoga is for all – the young and old, big and small, male and female, flexible and stiff (especially the stiff). Human beings perceive the world as outside of the body. We define things in relation to the experience of life thus far. It may seem counter intuitive, but the happenings within are what create the perception of the external. When we lose touch with our inner self, we allow the health of the mind and body to lessen. When we become out of harmony internally, the external world follows suit.  With Yoga we learn to create a new, healthy, and enjoyable pattern of awareness.  Learning techniques to assist the consciousness will open up new possibilities in your life that you haven’t even imagined.

Most of us are given lessons to learn to drive a car, but few are given lessons to drive the vehicle that is our body.  To keep the body alive and well, we generally look to food, water, and medicine, but preceding this sustenance are the most needed and absolutely vital commodities of life: breath and movement.  All living creatures need “prana” or “life force energy” brought into the body through the breath.  Our internal organs and systems move and operate all on their own.  Through our actions, we either assist or detract from the optimal functioning of the systems.  Please choose the latter!

Jesse Hart is currently leading yoga classes in Grants Pass.  New sessions starting in Ashland with Keira Harrison in April.  Check the website, call or stop in for more details.



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