You Can Easily Change Your Beliefs with Hypnosis

A client came in with a tremendous fear of driving and cars in general. She has had this fear all her life. She told me that over the years she had been in multiple accidents and had been hit twice as a pedestrian on two different occasions.  She was not at fault in these accidents, the drivers were. Now I ask you, what are the odds that someone gets hit twice as a pedestrian? – Very slim. The odds of getting hit once are pretty slim, but twice?

During the hypnosis sessions that followed she mentioned that her father was a surgeon, and back when she was a kid he would tell all of his children horror stories of the people who had come in for surgery after being in car accidents. He would talk about the loss of limbs, disfiguration of faces and bodies, people who were paralyzed for life, and on and on. In his mind he was trying to teach them about cars and driving and the implications of what could happen if they were careless, but for my client he terrified her to the point that she did not learn to drive until her 30s and that was out of pure necessity. Now in her late 60s she is still terrified of cars and what can happen. This belief that was instilled into her as a child by her well-meaning father has tormented her her whole life and that belief has created the accidents that have happened to her over the years. “What I feared has come upon me; what I dreaded has happened to me.” – Job 3:25

This is a great story to emphasize just how powerful our beliefs are and how they affect our lives. But so many of the beliefs we harbor are not as obvious. Here is an example of a belief that most of us have: money doesn’t grow on trees, you have to work hard to make money, rich people are snobs, it’s not spiritual to have money, you need money to make money. Can you think of a few more? I’m sure you can. So how do you think a person’s life would be if they believed in any of the above statements? Do you think they’d be rich? Absolutely not. They would be struggling month after month. “What you believe to be true will manifest for you.”

What are some of the beliefs that you are carrying around that are causing unwanted behaviors and results in your life? Another client watched her younger sibling die. She felt so guilty that she was spared and she adopted the belief that she didn’t deserve to live either and manifested a terminal disease.

The good news is… I know you’ve been waiting for the solution… you can easily change your beliefs with hypnosis. It is the quickest and easiest way. In six sessions you can be free from the suffering. What are you waiting for?? Call me today for a free telephone consultation and let’s start reprogramming those beliefs. Call 541-301-1061 or visit me online at kellymcloughlin.com.


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