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You Cannot Love Without Giving

As we approach Valentine’s Day, our minds cannot help but focus on the red and pink hearts that pop out from every storefront. Americans are in love with love—that heart-fluttering, twitterpating, euphoric sense that a new romance can bring.

At times like these, or when we are delighted in our children, or even sharing a great time with a dear friend, an over-powering urge can come upon us to shower the object of our affection with gifts.

My pastor says, “You can give without loving, but you cannot love without giving.” It is in our nature.

Wouldn’t it be grand if, leading up to February 14, we took time to focus on giving without having any agenda at all?  No expectation of reciprocation. What if we did things anonymously, so there was no way to be thanked? This is getting fun.

I read that a civilization is composed of civilized people, who are civil. Taken to its smallest point, being civil consists of saying, “Please, and thank you.”

That started my mind thinking about the local society we live in. For the most part, wherever I go in the Rogue Valley, I find people are civil, gracious, and courteous. That is due to individuals making an effort. The culture in which we live is dependent on how each of us chooses to behave.

We, you and I, are our culture. The more of us who make a decision to be friendly, gracious, compassionate, full of love and generosity, the more our towns, businesses, schools, and homes will become saturated and reflect that culture.

Nice thought.

Happy Valentine’s Day from Roberts Chiropractic!

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