Your Local Wine Shop

We have had many friends and customers ask why we bought the Ashland Wine Cellar.  Our story is not what most people would expect.

In December 2011 our fate was sealed as Lisa and Lorn discussed the idea of us taking over the Ashland Wine Cellar while we were there to purchase some holiday wine.  Then, what started as us talking about taking over the store in November when Lorn’s lease was up on the store, turned into talking about taking over the Wine Cellar in June so we could be up and running during the OSF season, and ended with us taking over the business on April 1st. . . yes, April Fool’s Day! This gave us the opportunity to have a full season and meet as many customers as possible.

What it really comes down to is that we were crazy enough to just go for it.

Our goal with the Cellar is simple.  Create relationships around the amazing world of wine.  We have always enjoyed wine, and the memories created with friends where wine has been a special part of the occasion.  We still have the bottle that we shared on our second date together back in 1989 when we enjoyed a nice French Beaujolais.

We also want to create a place where people who love wine can come and enjoy the experience of purchasing wine; or if you just want some help picking out that special bottle, we can walk you through your purchase in a stress free environment.

The experiences we have had and the people we have met along the way help us appreciate and treasure local wine shops and the personal relationships that develop there.  We will continue to improve and grow in order to make the Cellar a wine shop where customers of all types can come in, feel comfortable, and find quality wines in all price ranges.

Please come by the shop and see the changes we have made.  We host weekly complimentary wine tastings every Thursday from 4:30 to close and would love to see you there.

Brian & Lisa Dunagan, Owners
Ashland Wine Cellar