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Ashland Bicycle Works for the Holidays

Dear Santa,

Hi, how have you and Mrs. Claus and the elves been? I hope you are well and hard at work getting ready for Christmas.  I have been very good this past year, not teasing my older brother (too much), listening to my parents and my teacher and cleaning my room. I have been very active this year and started riding my bicycle to school this fall and enjoy it lots. For Christmas, I really need a bright tail light so drivers can see me better in the morning on my way to school. Could you bring me a Knog Blinder 4 tail light? They are super bright with a ton of blinky patterns and it’s rechargeable. I don’t care which model I get because they are all really cool.

My brother doesn’t really need anything, but my Dad keeps saying that he is getting fat and wants to ride his bike more. Could you get him new tires for his mountain bike? He mentions Wolverine tires with his friends all the time. Can you get those?? I also heard him saying that he would use his indoor trainer more if he had a trainer tire??? Whatever that is… Thanks. My brother says he doesn’t believe in you anymore but if you can get past that, he really is a good brother and wants a new bike. He already has 3 bikes but he keeps going on about something called a “Gravel Grinder” and has pictures of the Raleigh Tamland and KONA Rove on his phone. Maybe you could get my Dad one of those too, then they could go riding together. If you get him a new bike, can you also get him a stronger lock so it doesn’t get stolen? Thanks!

Can you please bring a neat new collar for my dog Barney too? I really like the Cycle Dog collars and leashes made out of recycled bicycle inner tubes. I’ll try to be awake when you come this year but if I don’t, my Dad suggested that I put out a plate of brownies and a six pack of Worthy IPA instead of carrots, cookies and milk like last year when you didn’t finish the milk and left all of the carrots.  Please say hi to Mrs. Claus and the elves AND Rudolph too!


Dear Olivia,

Thank you for this year’s letter, you will be pleased to know that you have been on the “nice” list all year long and I will try to fulfill your Christmas wish list.  We do not ride bicycles much here at the North Pole, except for Frosty riding his KONA Wo Fat Bike on the reindeer trails.  We really only ride bicycles when Mrs. Claus and I vacation in Santa Monica.  I know my friends at Ashland Bicycle Works will have all of these gifts plus a whole lot more cool stuff.

Happy Holidays,

Ashland Bicycle Works
1660 Siskiyou Blvd. Ashland

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