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Blinds or Shades on French Doors?

Ever wonder if you can cover a French door with a shade or blind? Why yes you can! There are lots of options for how to cover the glass in a door that don’t necessarily involve a curtain and rods, although that is certainly an option if that is the look you desire.

Here are a few options you can choose to cover a French Door with blinds or shades:

  1. Cellular or Honeycomb Shades
  2. Roller or Solar shades
  3. Wood blinds
  4. Metal or Vinyl blinds


Cellular or honeycomb Shades

Cellular or honeycomb style shades are a great option to cover a door since they are versatile and can be made to blend in with the door colors.  You can select a fabric color to suit your tastes and choose a matching headrail color or opt for a different headrail color to math the door (think white!) but still pick a color for the shade fabric. In addition, you can choose a blackout fabric if the door is in a sleeping area.

Roller or Solar shades

Roller shades in several different opacities or solar/screen shades are an excellent option for covering a French door since they lie close to the glass.  Rollers can also be ordered fully opaque to blackout the door or a screen can be used to cut glare and heat but still provide views through the door.  Roller screens come in various openness factors between 0% – 14%.  In addition, you can order a chain loop or cordless pull systems and a cassette valance or no valance.

Wood Blinds

Many people do not realize that you can mount wood blinds to a door.  They are not quite as slim in depth as other options with most blinds typically having the smallest width of 1 3/8” slats.  However with the advent of cordless lift systems now on wood blinds, you can minimize the strings that are typically present on wood blinds.

Metal or Vinyl blinds

Metal or vinyl 1” mini blinds are a very popular option for French doors because they are one of the more trimmed down types of window coverings.  They come in many colors and have choices now on lifting systems.  Due to the slats, these types of blinds will never fully blackout a view, but do provide for good partial or full privacy.

There are several other options for covering French doors. Shutters, woven woods and even some of the more elegant sheer vane solutions will also work very well on French doors. It all depends upon your desires for how to compliment your room’s surroundings keeping in mind the fit, form and functionality of the door’s covering!

For more information and selection of window coverings for French doors or any types of windows and doors, contact Fashions for Windows & Interiors, 1796 Ashlad St, Ashland.  541.482.9620.

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