Long-term resident of Southern Oregon, Alea Kent, works closely with her clients to help them understand their deeper longings and strives to help them overcome the emotional and physical stumbling blocks that are preventing them from achieving their goals, and more fully experiencing the lives they long to live. Through the use of two potent modalities, Emotion Code and Body Code, she is able to release trapped emotions, and balance areas of the emotional and physical bodies so that life, once again, moves forward and is filled with more joy. Today I talk with her about her work, the vast ways it can be used, and what benefits her clients are experiencing.

Hi, Alea, welcome back for another interview here at the LocalsGuide. I am interested in hearing what you have learned and experienced with your work since our last interview.

Hi Shields, thanks for the opportunity to talk about my work again. I continue to be amazed at what clients bring to this deep healing process and the results they’ve had. Because I think of myself as the conduit through which Spirit can work, what I am hearing from them is as exciting to me as it is to my clients.

Can you remind our readers about your professional background?

I received my MS in Counseling and worked in both private practice and non-profit settings for many years. I worked with children and families and was one of the first therapists in the state to have a practice that focused on the trauma of sexual abuse.

It was during this same time I began to realize my heart was more truly in the transpersonal therapies that were just beginning to emerge. I began to believe most mental health issues were not issues of the mind, but more often, issues of neurochemistry, and the mind-body connection that traditional therapy did not have the tools to change. More recently, I have seen much more clearly that the history of our experiences and how we deal with them – consciously or unconsciously – greatly shapes our physical, emotional, and mental well being.

Can you give an example of this? 

Sure. I have been working with a client who has an aversion to money and prefers to not have anything to do with it. We have been working on this issue with the Abundance Breakthrough Program, (which uses the Body Code) to change her relationship to financial abundance. She remembered her father saying many times in her life, “Waste not, want not,” and he made numerous critical responses to how she used money. This got internalized to, “I don’t know how to deal with money,” and so she began to avoid it. This is her latest email about her successes with money:

“And today I took a check to the bank and deposited it, set up a tracking system for savings, spending, and work!! Yayy! Thank you very much. I know it must be hard to imagine, but I have not been able to do those things comfortably, so left them to my husband or didn’t do them!!”

She is an editor and has had a challenge managing her time, her estimates for work hours, and billing the amount she works. She describes her success:

I was able to set up a plan for editing a book and stick to it. I estimated the hours at 56. I asked for more money than I usually do, limiting myself to just the proofreading, what I was asked to do, and I kept track of my hours. I sent questions to the author and met with him twice by phone. I then made some final corrections and sent it to the typesetter. My hours came to exactly 56!!”

What is interesting about this is that the original message from her father lead her to believe she could never be successful in managing money.  This also manifested in how she managed her business, the worth she gave to her skill as an editor, underestimation of the time it would take her to complete the work, asking less than standard fees, and the belief she needed to do more work than agreed upon. Through the release of trapped emotions we did with the Emotion Code, and the balancing and releasing of the issues that arose via the Body Code, she has been successful in making the changes she wanted to make resulting in having more comfort, confidence, and control over her money.

Can you explain what the Body Code and Emotion Code are, and what they do?

The Emotion Code is a subset of the Body Code. It deals with identifying and releasing emotions trapped in the energy bodies – also referred to as subtle, or inner bodies – that are inhibiting or blocking forward movement in our lives. These trapped emotions interfere with the free flow of energy in the physical body, often impinging on muscles, nerves, organs, and glands, ultimately causing physical illness or discomfort. They can also interfere with our ability to think and respond clearly to various life situations, resulting in difficulties with creating the lives we want to live.

The Body Code takes a broader view and looks not only at emotional aspects, but various physical systems, toxins, parasites, misalignments, and lifestyles as well.  The program has over 260 detailed pages, which outlines a methodical approach to delving deeper and deeper into what may be causing challenges in our lives. It includes not only physical aspects, but also non-physical things like chakras, beliefs, memories, entities, and disconnections. Also included are many other aspects of how our bodies are affected by the seen and unseen worlds around us.

I have also discovered in the last year the body may want to release or balance something not listed in the Body Code. I have developed ways to identify and release what I call “mystery things.” We don’t need to identify exactly what it is as the body has already brought it up -we just release it.

Alea, please tell us a little bit more about yourself and your own commitment to the healing path.

I am deeply committed to working with Spirit in this work. I request the spiritual guides of the client with whom I’m working to be present and guide the work. I also look to my own teachers and guides to train me to greater levels of skill.  I don’t necessarily think of myself as a healer, but more as a channel for Spirit. It’s the combination of Spirit and body that does the healing. Removing blocks and imbalances is what allows them to do what they are naturally meant to do.

Alea, what would you describe as your key skills? How do you utilize these skills in relation to your work with the Emotion and Body Code?

I feel I listen at a deep level. I really want to know what life is like for the person with whom I am working so that I’m able to offer relevant thoughts, questions, and support. I then move into the Emotion Code or Body Code in a way that that will best serve them. I’ve realized, after years of being a therapist, that I’m able to help people see themselves in a safe, supported way. When this deep comfort level occurs, they are far more able to look at things they may not have been able to look at before.

Alea, you have a background in dealing with trauma. Can you explain a little about trauma and what the Emotion Code and Body Code can offer to those with trauma?

Traditionally, we have thought of trauma resulting from people who have had early childhood physical or sexual abuse, or who have lived or fought in wars. Trauma is all that, but it doesn’t have to be that dramatic to have our systems respond to it as trauma. Many people have not yet identified things like the divorce they went through, a medical procedure, an accident, a miscarriage, or dealing with abusive people or bullying on an ongoing basis. Many other things are also traumatic, and like any trauma, can cause and perpetuate ongoing problems in health or emotional well-being.

Trauma is the perfect example of the mind-body connection. Having worked in clinical settings, I’m aware that patients with histories of trauma can be challenging for medical personnel. Information from the ACES study (Adverse Childhood Experiences) reports that those with one or more adverse childhood experiences have an increased risk of health and mental health issues. And those issues are not always clear-cut or easily treated. They are often mysterious and do not always fit neatly into diagnostic criteria.

This can lead to frustration on the part of the medical provider and the patient who may feel they are not being treated respectfully. What is missing from this medical model is the emotional aspect that created the conditions for the medical problem in the first place. This is where the Body Code and the Emotion Code come in beautifully. They can identify and release or balance the underlying causes of the medical problem. Once they are addressed, the health care provider will often find it much easier to successfully address the medical aspect of the problem. It is a win-win for both the patient and the provider.

What other issues have your clients brought to you?

I’m continually fascinated by what clients bring to me. I also feel so honored that they are willing to share the depths of themselves with me. Here are a few stories, used with permission:

I have a client with cancer. We’ve addressed the trapped emotions of the various affected organs, connected with her deeper spiritual self to discover the reasons for the cancer, energetically strengthen the affected organs, and made sure all of the parts of the body are communicating. We have even talked to the cancer to find out its purpose and we spoke to the chemo drugs to elicit their cooperation in how they will function. Looking at cancer from various angles can often help you feel less intimidated, and less at the mercy of the forces that sweep you up when dealing with this diagnosis. I am truly honored to be working with this courageous woman.

With another client, we are working on deep lifelong negative patterns and trauma that she is ready to have released. Her progress had been blocked by challenging circumstances that have lasted for ages and have not allowed her to succeed. Yet she continues on the path to healing, despite situations that would make anyone else give up. This is another courageous soul I feel so honored to be partnering with on her journey. This is what she says about the work we are doing:

“Alea took me on a journey into the depths of my mind and memories and cleared away so much heaviness from the past that I didn’t even know was there, that I feel at least 100lbs lighter. I have never met an energy worker who is so committed to keeping her own personal opinions out of the sessions, and instead focusing on asking questions, listening, and responding in a gentle, professional and supportive way as the sessions go along. My skeptical/rational mind doesn’t understand how this is happening, but I really don’t care. I can see the results. My poor rational mind can too, even if begrudgingly… End verdict -very happy!” -Sarita

Another client did some work with me around a painful incident from years ago and this is what she reported:

At my first session with Alea, I noticed a huge lifting of sadness & hurt from something that happened 40 years ago!!!! And it stayed away… thank you Alea” -Cathy

What does a Body Code session look like?

I first like to really get a good understanding of the person I am working with by asking about their life and goals. I also want to make sure to answer any questions or address any concerns they may have. Then goals for the session are determined by the client and checked for priority. After a brief connection with Spirit, I check to see that I have an energetic connection with the client. I use muscle testing on myself as a proxy for the client, so this work can be done at a distance. I do a quick check of any discordant energies, core negative beliefs, or any old inappropriate vows or oaths and release them.

Then, generally, I release the trapped emotions related to the issue, and then move on to the Body Code. If there is a serious or persistent issue with an organ or gland, I will use an anatomical drawing to make sure that all the parts are energetically connected to each other.  For instance, I was working with a client with anger issues and zeroed in on the amygdala. After making sure all the parts of the amygdala were connected, the anger issues reduced considerably.

When the session is over, we talk about the experience. I ask if anything has shifted, and answer any questions. Sometimes it can take a few days for the body to process the shifts and I suggest they monitor themselves closely for the next few days.

Can you tell us about the Heart Wall work you do?

The Heart Wall is a cluster of trapped emotions around the heart.  The developer of Body Code, Dr. Nelson, believes 94% of the population has a Heart Wall. It generally builds up over time from all the hurts our heart has experienced. A Heart Wall can prevent us from choosing an appropriate partner, feeling joy, being successful, and can cause anxiety and depression, among other things.

A Heart Wall is removed the same way any tapped emotion is removed -by identifying and releasing it. Normally, when releasing a Heart Wall I ask my client to go within and get an image of the wall, what it is made of, and how big and thick it is. Most interestingly, as I ask them to check in with that vision as we are releasing trapped emotions, the image changes until it disappears. I have also realized that more than the heart can become trapped, and I have begun to work with other organs that may have a “wall” of trapped emotions around them.

What are some of your clients telling you about the work they are doing with you?

I had a client email me last week to say, “I feel great!” Others have told me they get relief from heavy pain syndromes for periods of time after our work. As we work through the layers of what has built up, relief can occur, but can also return for more layers to be released, until all the layers are released. Another client made it clear from the beginning that she was unlikeable and didn’t really care what others thought of her. After a few sessions, she told me she was beginning to like herself.

One client said:

Powerful, non re-traumatizing, delicate, effective and no BS. These are some of the words to describe the tremendously successful sessions I have had with Alea.  I have had both in-person and distance sessions with Alea. She is a very thoughtful, astute, intuitive and kind practitioner. The Body Code and her other healing and counseling techniques are quick, remarkably, tremendously and substantially effective. Thank you Alea, I can not recommend you highly enough.” – With sincere appreciation, Kara McLeod

Another client noted:

“Most of us spend a lot of time thinking about how we want others to change and we forget that as we heal, our relationships heal!! With BC & EC I’ve been able to easily shed more & more layers, & I’ve experienced how that has improved my relationships. Thank you, Alea” – CLC

Are there any other stories you would like to share?

I love to travel and explore the traditional healing methods of other cultures. I just returned from a volunteer trip to Bali where I was teaching English to elementary students. It was an interesting trip in that I had a number of huge challenges including only one credit card that didn’t work and having to stay at the airport for over 24 hours. The work I have done for myself using the Emotion Code and Body Code, as well as other spiritual tools I use, all helped me ride those challenges without sinking. In fact, I got curious about how it would all unfold.

Alea, can you tell us about your Breitenbush workshop scheduled for next year?

Yes, I was delighted to be accepted as a presenter at Breitenbush Hot Springs. My workshop will be September 20th -24th, 2020. I will go deep into teaching various ways to muscle test and try to make sure everyone attending has at least one form of muscle testing with which they feel comfortable with. We will then move on to learning how to do the Emotion Code. We will next work on Heart Wall release. I anticipate it to be a great inner and outer adventure for everyone in a beautiful setting. Please contact me if interested.

You are also doing another Ashland Food Co-op class. Tell us about that.

I will be doing another of the Free Monday Night Classes December 16th from 6-8 p.m. in the Co-op classroom. During that class, I will give a brief introduction to the Emotion Code, teach an easy way to test yourself, and then how to do some basic Emotion Code techniques. There will be time to practice and ask questions. I invite everyone that is interested in learning more about this modality to join me then.

Shields, Thank you for allowing me to share this work I love and thank you for all the good you are doing for our community through the LocalsGuide.


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