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Co-Creative Healing – A Unique Tale of Massage with a Thai Master

A Unique Tale of Massage with a Thai Master

by Stephanie Shrum, LMT and NCTMB Approved Continuing Education Provider

I love Thailand! I love the food, the people, and I love the opportunity to learn and receive the massage that Thailand is so renowned for.

While traveling twelve years ago, I had one of the most unique massages of my life. When I chose to go to Thailand, I knew that receiving a massage from one of the great Thai masters, Chaiyuth Priyasith, was a top priority. It took weeks of schedule finagling to secure a prized session with him. Being a practitioner of Thai massage myself, I generally knew what to expect, but I was in for a surprise.

Typical of Thai massage, the session was performed fully clothed on a mat on the floor. That’s where the similarities to traditional Thai massage ended. Twenty minutes into the session Chaiyuth stopped to speak with the gardeners. Then, he wanted to have tea with me. He certainly worked in a non-linear way!

About an hour into the session, he took me by surprise again as he invited me to go with him to a Thai dance ceremony. Under any other situation, I would have been up for the adventure, but I had a bus to catch in a few hours. He persistently tried to convince me to change my plans and go to the ceremony with him.

After two hours, he had finished working only the right side of my body.

He asked in his charming broken English, “You like the way your right side feel?”

I replied, “Yes.”

He then said, “You want your left side to feel same-same, you must come dancing with me.”

I knew that as a ‘master’, he was not used to having people say “no” to him, but I felt he had a sense of humor. I replied with a big smile, “Chaiyuth, are you familiar with the English word ‘manipulative’?”

He chuckled and said, “Okay, okay, I do your left side.”

Another hour and a half later, he completed the massage and I managed to catch my bus. I think he may have extended the session hoping that I would miss my bus so I could join him. Either way, this unique three and a half hour massage was an experience I won’t forget.

If you’d like to explore receiving Thai massage or bodywork from me, your experience may also be unique. I will, however, always honor you and your time and I won’t try to convince you to go dancing with me (even though I do love to dance).

If you are interested in seeing a brief video showing Chaiyuth at work, please visit my blog at for the link.

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