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Condition Matters

When you want to sell your property quickly for the greatest return, it doesn’t matter whether the market favors sellers or buyers. To make the most impact and have an edge over the competition, condition can make all the difference.

A house in great condition will attract more solid buyers—that is, serious, motivated, and qualified buyers. Fixer-uppers can attract more risky buyers, those with less secure funding.

When there is only 1 house on the market and 10 buyers, the seller will have a sale in no time, no matter the condition of the property. When there are 8 houses on the market and 10 buyers, buyers have more options to look at and consider before making a decision, therefore the condition of the property truly matters, especially when the seller is looking to make a quick sale.

I am best equipped to advise you on the competition in your area and how you can make the most impact and get your property sold quickly.

Make a great first impression! You don’t have to spend a lot of money to make your property appeal to buyers as they pull up to the curb. Cleaning up flower beds, keeping the grass and bushes trimmed, and simply painting the front door can make the difference between a potential buyer driving away or a sale—cha-ching!

Be the house that catches the eye! Remember, nearly 82% of sellers classified their property as having good to excellent curb appeal, while 40% made enhancements to boost curb appeal.

With an unbiased, critical eye, observe the front of your house before putting it on the market. Compare your property to others on your street and neighborhood. How does it compare? Even better, ask an unbiased third party for their opinion. This is where an honest and caring real estate professional can help you out.

Spend your money wisely when it comes to exterior improvements. A few dollars and your own labor can go a long way to making a big difference in your property’s curb appeal. For example, just trimming trees and bushes can make the house a house you can see and it will look more welcoming. And everyone enjoys the look of flower beds with seasonal flowers and fresh mulch.

Research reveals that two out of four sellers spent $500 or less, with three out of four sellers spending less than $1,000.

There are easy and inexpensive fixes you can make to the front of your house, like cleaning the windows or a fresh coat of paint. The objective is to make a great first impression with the fresh- and-clean look buyers prefer.

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