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Electric Bikes For Greater Health

It’s obvious that bicycling is great for your health as well as the health of the planet, but what about these new electric bikes that you’re seeing more and more of around town? Do they offer any health benefits to the rider? Absolutely! The notion that e-bikes are ‘cheating’ or that you won’t get any exercise is simply incorrect. Ask any e-bike owner. You’ll hear stories about how their new e-bike has literally changed their lives – for the better.

Yes, it’s true that the motor provides a substantial amount of assistance, but it’s not taking all the effort out of the experience. What e-bikes do provide is the opportunity to spend longer periods of time on your bike getting a gentler, smoother style of exercise. Instead of a short workout that may have you straining in unhealthy ways imagine being able to ride three, four, or more times as long and as far as you can now. The intensity is removed, which is a good thing for many of us, and a steady, measured workout is achieved that offers all the same benefits you expect from your cycling adventures. Consider this; if you find yourself out on your e-bike at almost every opportunity, clearly you will receive greater health-related dividends than you would from an occasional weekend ride that might at worst have you sore for the next day or two.

It’s no secret that Ashland presents substantial terrain-based challenges for bicycling. This prevents many avid riders from choosing their bike instead of the car for most of their daily around town travel needs. Electric bikes make it easier to say, “Yes” to riding and they are opening the door to a wider range of people who would like to incorporate bicycling into their daily lives. If you’re ready to join the quiet revolution and promote a cleaner, healthier, more human-scaled world maybe it’s time you become someone who rides an electric bike. Go take a test ride and see for yourself what it feels like to ‘Ride the Future’!

Ashland Electric Bikes


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