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As I sit down to write this, I am planning a trip to Orlando.  No, I am not going to Disney World or any of the multitudes of theme parks that have sprung up on every other block in the land of sunshine.  I might be going to ride on roller coasters or waterslides in an alternate reality, but instead I am going to study nutrition.  When I return to Ashland, I will be certified to offer Food Healing classes and qualified to work one on one with you and your friends and relations in preventing and reversing common and serious disease with whole foods and lifestyle changes.  I will also be planning to offer more in-depth yoga and qigong workshops and weekly classes.  All of my classes will be offered only on a preregistration basis, so please come in or call to express your interest.

Everyone seems to know that the key to health and longevity lies with diet and exercise.  There is so much information out there that it can often become overwhelming and we fall back into the habit of familiarity.  The Food Healing system distills the science of nutrition into a simple program that anyone can follow.  The program relies on nutrient dense whole foods and herbs and healthful preparation methods rather than using supplements to fill the gaps.  The theory being that given the right building blocks, the body can and will heal itself.  This is why I have come to this system after trying most everything else, and this is why I believe that it will benefit you.  Whether you have been following a lifelong whole foods path or are just beginning to explore the produce aisles, come and see how 3 horsepower blending and healthful cooking can change your life, especially in conjunction with an energizing movement practice such as qigong, yoga, or both.

Please come to my meet and greet event ‘Enhancing Life Force Energy at Inner Synergy’ Saturday, September 20.  I will be offering free demos in food healing, yoga, and qigong.   Bring your health concerns and receive a free consultation and self-healing plan.   We will open with a community healing meditation at 1:00 pm and conclude with music and dance at 5:00 pm.  Please register for this free event by stopping in or calling Inner Synergy.  I look forward to meeting you and walking with you on the path to optimal health and wellbeing.  To Life!

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