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Late spring through early summer is the ideal time to plant lavender in the garden. With more than 40 species and over 400 varieties, no matter your garden size, color scheme or style there is likely a lavender that will fit in beautifully. It’s a wonderful low-maintenance garden addition with the added bonus of attracting butterflies and honeybees, and deterring deer. 

If you have picked up a few lavender plants (or plan to!), here are three tips for selecting an ideal new home in your garden. 

Lavender Growing Tip #1: Lavender needs full sun to thrive, and likes to have at least eight hours of sun daily during the flowering season. It does especially well when planted near heat-reflecting materials, such as against rock walls or on top of light colored gravel. 

Lavender Growing Tip #2: Good drainage is perhaps the most important factor for successful lavender growing. Sloped gardens, terraces, raised beds or rockeries all usually have good drainage. 


Lavender Growing Tip #3: Lavender likes soil at a neutral pH or slightly alkaline. If your soil is acidic, amending it with calcitic lime works particularly well.  

Now that your garden location and soil are ready, let’s plant! Take advantage of lavender’s long recognized insect repellent qualities and reach for a bottle of Pelindaba’s Lavender Insect Repellent before you head out. It’s an incredibly effective, all-natural way to defend yourself against the irksome bites of mosquitoes, flies, and other insects. And yes, it really works — it’s one of the most reviewed products on our website!

The sun is high and a cold glass of iced tea with a hint of lavender would be the perfect treat. While any of our organic lavender tea blends brew beautifully hot or cold, my favorite for iced tea is our Organic Lavender Rooibos Herbal Tea. It’s a non-caffeinated blend of our organic culinary lavender and organic Rooibos, a naturally sweet, low in tannins, high antioxidant herbal tea from South Africa. Wonderfully refreshing, especially when sweetened with our Organic Lavender Honey!

Extra time in the garden can mean too much sun exposure even when diligent about sun protection. Pelindaba’s Organic Lavender Healing Mist delivers powerful therapeutic levels of lavender essential oil and is exceptionally beneficial for both healing and soothing sunburned skin. Spray it on affected skin and feel immediate relief, and continued application will aid in the rapid healing of your sunburn. 

End the day with our Lavender Body Butter on your lips, elbows, hands, knees and feet or anywhere that requires some extra care after all that gardening work. This luxurious firm cream combines Shea butter, our organic lavender essential oil, and other natural oils for a particularly effective skin softener with an irresistible smell.

Lavender is a remarkably diverse plant where most varieties take about 3 years to reach their full, mature size. They will bloom starting year one, and with annual pruning will retain their shape and prolong their longevity. In general, well-kept lavender plants can live up to 15-20 years. 

We love talking about growing lavender so come in to Pelindaba Lavender Ashland today for a complimentary Lavender Growing Tips printed resource. And happy planting! 

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