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Fit for the Road

I do my fair share of travel. Even as a fitness and health food junkie, I find that traveling and staying true to my healthy regime is a significant challenge. A lot has been written on this subject but there are a few fundamental practices that are worth reiterating:

1. Pack food for your trip, here are a few options: string cheese, turkey and avocado sandwich, apples, banana, raw veggies, berries, nuts, crackers and small packages of nut butters, energy bars, cereal, homemade popcorn.

2. Stay hydrated as much as possible when flying, you need to drink more water than you think.

3. Stretch periodically during your flight.

4. Avoid alcohol while on a plane if you can….I am terrified of taking off so a glass of wine really helps!!

5. If workout facilities are not available in your hotel, do basic exercises in your room: push-ups, lunges, sit ups, squats, triceps dips…

6. Do yoga, it can be done anywhere and is a great choice during travel for keeping your muscles guessing.

7. Get outside: Walk or Jog, two great ways to get to know the area better while getting in some cardio.

Despite the attraction to gluttony that travel affords, stay true to the fundamentals of healthy eating. You can be in charge of eating on the road by taking a few minutes to plan for success. Travel and fitness don’t have to be in conflict, especially in today’s world. You just have to plan a little and stay committed and they will blend into a memorable experience.


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