How much of what holds us back in life are aspects of ourselves that we may not even have an awareness of nor have direct control of? How do you live the life you want when past traumas and beliefs keep you stuck? Introducing new Ashland resident Gene Tresenfeld, an energetic healer and life coach. For the past thirty years, Gene has helped others to rid themselves from limitations allowing them to live more free and actualized lives. Furthermore, energy healing not only gives relief from physical problems, it helps in liberating you from what’s been holding you back. In my interview today I speak more with Gene about his work and life here in Ashland.

Hi Gene, hello and welcome to the LocalsGuide.

Hi and thanks for speaking with me today… I’m excited to introduce myself to the community… make new friends and connections with my services…

Great. Gene, to begin with would you provide us with some specific uses and applications of energy healing?

I’d say the most common thing is for people suffering from pain whether acute or chronic. Then there’s inflammation, aches such as terrible headaches, illness, stress, anxiety or other health issues. It might be that they’re exhausted or they’re too energized to sleep. They might have diarrhea or constipation. I’m pointing out opposites to illustrate that there really is no limit to how energy healing can help someone to once again feel good. That’s why I’ll simply ask, “How may I help you?”

There have been compelling examples like being contacted after an operation hadn’t gone well and then they see a huge difference, or scheduled operations no longer being needed or spots no longer showing on an MRI.

Please talk more about the elements of life coaching you provide.

Perhaps you feel stuck or in a rut. Perhaps you’re frustrated that your life isn’t unfolding as you had imagined. Perhaps you have ingrained limiting beliefs.

Would you rather feel fully alive, limitless and free? Do you imagine a life full of love, wonder, excitement and possibility? If you’ve been looking for ways to change your life, but don’t necessarily know how to make changes to get you to where you want to be, I’ll assist you in awakening into your life purpose, developing your personal power, setting clear intentions and listening to your inner voice, so that you may take charge in creating the life you truly desire.

Life Coaching can help you: Actively pursue your dreams, Set a new direction for your life, Let your heart and intuition guide you, Find your voice, courage & determination, Clear away blockages, Live with more ease and joy, and more.

I love how working with people on a deeper intuitive and energetic level can allow them to rapidly shift their lives.

You offer services in both life coaching and energetic healing. Please draw a line for us and connect the two together.

While each service stands on its own, very often one naturally leads to the other.

A woman came because her shoulders were uncomfortably tight. I soon got an image of her in a yoke pulling something heavy.

I told her about it and asked what was burdening her. She said relationship problems with her husband, which included his addiction. I tuned into him and picked up on what the addiction was. All the while working on relaxing her shoulders, we discussed her situation and came up with strategies.

On the other hand, someone coming for life coaching will find the energies to be supportive in freeing limiting beliefs and furthering & expediting their desired progression.

Gene, you mention people hide a lot of who they are in their lives. How does this become a burden and how then does it affect someone’s health?

There’s a lot of pressure to conform to the expectations taught by your family, school and society at large. We carry in our genes that we were dependent upon our tribe to survive. If we were banished for not fitting in, we would perish. Frequently that leaves someone feeling it would be unsafe to reveal who they truly are in their entirety and thus they hide aspects of themselves. While they may think they’re able to pull off the disconnect between their external representation and who they really are, they can’t hide from themselves the internal conflict and it will take a toll on their health.

How are you helping to validate people and support them in revealing themselves at greater and greater levels?

We will become strong allies as your authentic self is uncovered, accepted, encouraged and nourished. It is my privilege to work with people as they activate their greatest inner potentials.

It sounds like you are a great ally.

I’ve long believed that being an ally not just to the person, but also allying with their dreams, can make a crucial difference in people getting what they want for themselves.

How do you create a safe place for your clients to experience healing and growth?

Feeling safe is indeed vital for one to be able to fully receive as well as to allow themselves to be vulnerable and really let out deeper emotions and thoughts. I come across as non-threatening and I’ve always been a good listener. It is apparent that I’m interested in others’ well being. I’ve been struck by how many times in casual settings with people I’ve just met how they want to divulge private things to me.

One woman wrote in a testimonial, “He’s genuine and I felt really comfortable talking with him about some very personal issues.”

You also enjoy keeping things fun and lively for your clientele.

There’s enough heaviness in people’s lives and the world. I just don’t think a solemn atmosphere is needed for people to be able to have their desired shifts. While I’m serious about and committed to helping people, that can be accomplished while including a lightness and humor. It might just get someone to pause or laugh long enough to see things with a refreshed viewpoint.

Gene, please tell us more about your specific skill sets and how you share these with your clients.

I’ve got a gift of bringing people’s truest essence to light and an unwavering passion to create the space for others to feel seen and blossom into their most joyful Selves.

I’ve worked to really develop my own intuition. I can pick up on things that the client might not even be thinking about or might want to avoid thinking about. I’ve cultivated the sense to see into the hidden aspects of others.

I’m kind, compassionate and safe. People talk openly with me. I’m a very strong ally, sincere, dedicated, and very direct. I also offer a lot of encouragement and accountability. I take it to heart to try my best for each client to get their desired outcome.

Energetic healing can be a very normalized occurrence. Will you please share some thoughts around this?

First of all, energetic healing is an age-old practice. The Chinese have done healings with Chi, the life force energy, for over 2,600 years. In Japan it’s called Ki and in India they call it Prana. Think about a time your child was hurt and they ran up to you. What’s the first thing you did for them? Most likely you reached out and touched the child. I believe that’s because its innate to be able to send energy, which enables the recipient’s own healing capacities to be boosted. Why then isn’t it more prevalent? It seems that societies lost their understanding of this natural aspect.

The person remains fully clothed. Typically, warmth is felt almost as soon as the energies begin to be transmitted. Most people experience a sense of calm & peace and stress melts away. It’s very nourishing and nurturing. Sometimes a person might think the issue is in one place, but I’ll pick up the place of origin like the time someone came for a hurt wrist and I traced the blockage to their energy flow back to their elbow. When the energy at the elbow again flowed freely, their wrist felt good.

Interesting. Gene, will you please share some recent applications of your work and then some customer testimonials with us?

Someone suffering from a debilitating migraine. I sensed the pain was not just in her head and my hands moved to where they were led on her neck. Intuitively I picked up on things about her which were the root causes for her migraines and her anxiety.

“Gene began his work, starting with my head, where the pain was focused above my ears down toward my neck, the usual culprit. After several minutes of work there he moved lower on my neck, focusing on my right side. Something I had not mentioned to him was that I have a nerve injury on that side of my neck, one that I suspect plays a role in my migraines; and that nerve injury was so flared up that I was having tingling, numbness and shooting pain from neck to fingertips for over a week at that point. Throughout this time, he kept picking up on things from my childhood, and things I have been working on in therapy for years. I could feel my body processing some of the trauma and difficult memories of my past and when we finished the work the migraine was all but gone, and the nerve pain had stopped. … the energy healing Gene offers did more than just stop a migraine, I felt more settled and less homesick, the panic I had anticipated from this move was no longer looming over me and I felt a sense of calm and sureness about my ability to do this.”

A person in Idaho broke her finger skiing and her whole hand swelled. Before the session had ended, the pain level had dropped a lot and she reported she was beginning to feel her knuckles again.

Another person felt trapped allowing a difficult roommate to stay in his house. It was complicated because the roommate once had been his girlfriend and she now had physical and financial problems. He gained clarity about putting his own needs first, and we talked about social services that might be able to help the roommate get other housing.

“I came away from our sessions feeling relief from my pains and feeling clear about how to navigate and be more present in my personal life. I appreciated your obvious talent and tact at approaching the healing process and the whole time I felt warmly supported by your loving presence!”

“As a clairvoyant medium I can also easily sense other people’s abilities. Gene’s abilities were very strong with the healing. He is a wonderful healer. I felt a great difference afterwards. And I’m in the process of moving forward with my life without the past life trauma affecting me in the same way, as it was holding me back from moving forward. I recommend a healing session from Gene for any variety of ailments.”

“My name is Lara Deans Lowe and I am a Principal Dancer with the Oakland Ballet. I had suffered a hip injury in October and, through compensation, consequently tore my left meniscus. Gene helped me to complete the 2000 Nutcracker season. His healing has been heartfelt and much appreciated.”

You like to help your clients to understand and gain trust in their own intuition. How do you do this and what are some of the results once your clients start to practice this more?

A lot of people have a gut reaction to things, which really is their intuition giving them a message. Too often we choose to overlook it. I encourage people to tune into their own intuition and I can help them to validate it. I came up with an intuitively-inspired process I call Quick Clear, which aids in rapidly clearing out old conditioned programming and changing habits to free you from self-limiting beliefs. It consists of a series of questions, which the client and I answer with our intuition. I’m good at detecting whether the client is speaking from their mind or their intuition and if they come up with a thought, I’ll ask them to go within and to give their intuitive knowing. It’s wonderful how fast most people are able to do that.

By trusting in their inherent worth and heeding their own intuition, they may commit to their dreams and thus have inner peace, harmony and satisfaction. Furthermore, with their own trusted inner guidance system, they become more of the captain of their own ship.

You can work both in-person and remotely. Please say more.

About 2 years after I had begun doing in-person energy work, it was suggested that one can also work remotely. I have certain indicators I feel when working in-person and I thought if I don’t feel the energy pulsing, how could I possibly do it remotely. Despite that concern, I gave it a try and sure enough I picked up on the same markers as I do in-person. I’ve now done it for so long that remote is as automatic for me as in-person and both ways are equally effective.

Physicists have done lots of experiments involving the Quantum Field and they have demonstrated the connection and impact between beings or objects at a great distance from one another. That’s why I can ‘tune into’ someone and send energies and it makes no difference if they’re on the other side of the planet. While I like to know what someone looks like, it’s not necessary. I can think of say Bob’s uncle in Florida, whom I’ve neither met nor seen his photo, and it’s like precise GPS with the energies going directly to that one person.

A bonus I offer my clients is to ‘tune into’ them between sessions and send energies to reinforce whatever we had worked on in a session whether it was physical or some issue in their life.

You also have the ability to work with children, including infants, and pets.

Kids and pets are really easy, because they’re so open and receptive. They happily soak up the energies.

In contrast, there are some adults who can be getting great results and nonetheless they let their skepticism or unfamiliarity get in the way. I was working with a surgeon, who was losing dexterity in his hand. His career depended upon reversing that. He was getting major improvement, but he couldn’t reconcile what was happening with his allopathic training. Sadly, he chose to discontinue.

I always want permission to work with a being and I would consider it unethical not to get their OK. I was out one day and saw a client with her 4-year old daughter. The girl had fallen and hurt her knee.

The parent was relieved when I offered to help, and I was sure to check with the girl if she wanted me to help her. I explained that I’d be touching her knee, but if she didn’t want me to touch her, I didn’t need to. It took just a few minutes before the pain was gone and she was skipping. What about if the child is too young to give permission or is even a baby? Or, at the other end of the spectrum, it could be someone near passing who’s non-verbal or someone in a coma. I’ll ask intuitively and whether I ‘get’ a yes or no, I’ll respect their choice.

Gene, you have been compared to being a walking, talking first aid kit.

Some friends were biking in Slovenia and one person fell off her bike. She hurt her shoulder, wrist and ankle. I right away started doing energy work with her. The hotel still needed to send a car to pick her and her bike up, but by the time they got to us, the pain had decreased a lot and she had gotten over the shock from the fall. While that was an incident when I was with someone at the time, the “walking, talking first aid kit” puts into a visual the idea that when something goes awry, I likely can help you recover quicker no matter how far apart physically we might be.

Gene, when is the best time to work on life coaching with you? Do we always need to be stuck to want to work with you?

As a general answer it’s whenever you want to be living a life that would be an improvement on the one you currently have. Since it is January, I’ll add now’s a great time to get support with your New Year’s resolution.

Do you need to feel stuck? Absolutely not. When someone’s life is already flowing well and they want to continue and even accelerate further the momentum they’re building, life coaching is useful. This person doesn’t need to be reminded of their value or that things can get better since they are already experiencing it. They are not in resistance; rather they are desiring to catch even more wind under their wings. This is a fun dynamic to work with.

Please give us a little background on yourself.

I grew up in Jersey, which is evident in my East Coast wit. I’ve preferred living on the West Coast since 1986. After 15 years in the same house in Eugene, the landlord decided to sell. That forced me to consider whether I wanted to stay in Eugene. I always enjoyed stopping in Ashland when driving back from California or staying here before going white water rafting. I intuitively felt drawn to Ashland and came down for a few days to really check it out. Since I’m attuned to energies, it was very noticeable that there actually is a special energy in this town. I moved here at the end of last August.

I spent most of my professional life in sales and marketing. Having a spiritual base as my guiding force, this type of work clearly did nothing to further my life’s purpose. Once I learned to do energetic healing and later began life coaching, it was very satisfying and enriched my soul. I was always doing it on-the-side. I’m now looking forward to building a full-time practice here in Ashland.

Gene, will you please tell us more about your own life and adventures? What are some of your favorite things to do in your free time?

I’m pleased with myself that I have become more adventuresome as I’ve gotten older. Last year I went to Maui and while there I learned to get up on a surfboard and I went ziplining. I also went to a workshop in Slovenia and then on to the little-known power spots of the Bosnian pyramids. Now I’m trying to learn the basics of skateboarding and hopefully soon that will be without hurting myself.

On the milder side, I enjoy movies, plays, galleries and concerts. I’m not a natural dancer, yet I’ve been going to ecstatic dance. I was told all my life not to sing, but I recently invested in some singing lessons and I am now willing to join in when people are singing. I think it’s important to keep expanding.

What have been some of your favorite discoveries in moving to Ashland?

I was glad to arrive when the Shakespeare Festival was still on and to be informed about Rush tickets. I was particularly fond of the modern plays I saw. There are a lot of restaurants for a town of this size and there’s a nice variety in both food and price. How nonchalant around people and cars the deer are. The other animal discovery, although I wouldn’t call it a favorite, is not to put garbage out the night before pickup because of bears. $5 movie Tuesdays. Overall, it would be how many activities are offered each week.

Do you have any special plans for this winter or summer?

I haven’t skied in a long time. With Mt. Ashland so convenient, I’m looking forward to hitting the slopes.

In the summer I’m planning to take a training in Shasta, which will give me some additional tools for my tool kit. I always want to keep learning.

Finally, Gene what are the next steps for anyone wanting to learn more or work with you?

You certainly may call me. Also, I know from doing mini-sessions of just 10 to 15 minutes at fairs how even that short amount of time is impactful. If you’d like to ‘test the waters’ and get a feel for what we’ve been talking about and to see if we would be a good match, you can book a 25-minute Discovery Session on the website.

I’m offering a special during January. Pay for a 60-minute life coaching and/or energy healing session and receive an extra 30-minutes for free. That’s 50% more time to delve even more thoroughly. In order for you to have the option to book the session when you’re ready and not necessarily when you purchase it, you’ll go to Gift Certificates under Appointments on the website and click on “90-minute session for the cost of 60-minute session.” Use Code 9060LG. It’s one per person, but feel free to let others know about the special.

Thanks so much for taking the time to talk with us today.

Thank you, Shields. I felt your questions evoked responses that would give people a greater understanding of what I offer and how that can benefit them.

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Gene envisions a New Earth where people are free to be their Authentic Selves, where they are valued and appreciated for whatever gifts they have to offer, and where people are living their lives with joy and purpose that naturally creates a more peaceful planet. Providing a safe, positive and nurturing environment that lends itself for comfortable change, Gene’s methods support you in having the physical, emotional, and mental wellbeing you desire for yourself. Based in Eugene, Oregon, Gene works with people both locally and anywhere in the world.
Gene envisions a New Earth where people are free to be their Authentic Selves, where they are valued and appreciated for whatever gifts they have to offer, and where people are living their lives with joy and purpose that naturally creates a more peaceful planet. Providing a safe, positive and nurturing environment that lends itself for comfortable change, Gene’s methods support you in having the physical, emotional, and mental wellbeing you desire for yourself. Based in Eugene, Oregon, Gene works with people both locally and anywhere in the world.