Dr. Kempf

Introducing Dr. Michael Kempf, DDS

Greetings everyone, and a beautiful Spring to you!  My name is Dr. Michael Kempf, and I am pleased to announce a rebirth of our 993 Siskiyou Blvd. Ste #3 office.

Those already familiar with us will have appreciated the comfort of our neck wraps, massage chairs, and the beauty of our office garden, the fountain, and the pretty birds who come to rest and eat here.  We utilize warm water cleanings, topical anesthetic, and acupoint/acupressure to control pain.   

We have some of the latest diagnostic equipment available, including multiple Panadent jaw simulators, digital DEXIS X-ray, digital DIAGONODENT Laser, digital J&J /Canon photos, and all in a very calm and beautiful natural environment.  It is still my distinct pleasure and passion to observe the function and beauty of a well-designed prosthetic case.

As always, our mission is to help achieve dental (and oral-facial) health within the context of a highly interactive experience, and at a personal level.  (We have been rated quite high in reviews over the years regarding the amount of time and attention we afford our patients as exemplified by our “Health Grades” Ratings.)

It is my intention this year to engineer and design more of our treatment plans in house, allowing for higher quality control, and more predictable excellence in the building of our Restorations. This makes the fabrication process more  “seamless” and allows us to be consistently excellent in providing Good Biting, Highly Accurate: Crowns, Veneers, Implants, Overdentures, Bridges, Precision Partials, Inlays, Onlays, Bite Corrections, Night Guards, Splints, etc. (Even our fillings and Root canal treatments are more predictable as a result of Good Engineering, a better bite, definitive diagnosis, and comprehensive treatment planning.)

My Doctoral Education stems from U of I, Chicago, and I have significant years of post-grad training in Jaw Diagnosis, Stabilization, and Rehab from Roth Center, SF, and also from OHSU in Portland, where I have presented some of my post grad cases. Our auxiliaries, Sandy and Anthony are seasoned and caring with every intention of providing the best for our clients. Good Form, Function, and Fit often means Relaxed head and neck Muscles and “Easy Smiles.”

Possibly the deepest satisfaction I have yet experienced has been through some of the more recent testimonials, and appreciation we have just received.  It was heart warming for me!  I am especially thankful for the individuals who have come forward to promote our practice by volunteering their experiences with new clients thus helping further understanding of what it is that we do…  You folks are entirely precious to us!  These patients help me to be a better educator, by shedding their light and by more clearly familiarizing a nervous client with a first hand opinion and experience.

This is a great time to make our acquaintance.  From now until the end of May, we are offering a Special “Post-Tax Prophylaxis, and Cold Laser Diagnosis” for a nominal fee of $75. We are an Oregon Delta Premiere and Delta Premiere Provider.  Since many insurance company benefits are insensitive to our clients’ needs, we subsidize No Interest Payment Plans for our clients through the Citibank Health Card, which is Canadian-based (Etobioke), and has a good reputation for patient care (www.healthcard.citicards.com)

Please feel free to stop by and we will show you around…

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