Jacksonville Chiropractic & Massage Clinic, LLC is a trusted clinic you can rely on. What makes them unique?  In today’s interview I speak with Dr. Jason Williams and his staff to learn more about their hands-on-approach to customer care. Jacksonville Chiropractic & Massage Clinic, LLC is well known in Jacksonville. Today we are introducing them to our greater community at large in the Rogue Valley.

Dr. Williams, thank you very much for speaking with me today and for participating in the LocalsGuide.

Thank you Shields for having us as one of your featured businesses. We are excited to talk to you today about our experienced massage providers as well as answer some of your questions about how I practice as a chiropractic physician.

You originally established your clinic in Jacksonville over 18 years ago. Why did you choose to set up your practice here in Southern Oregon?

I’ve lived in Oregon since I was one year old. For me, this area of Southern Oregon is the nicest part of the state. We have great weather, culture, outdoor adventures and excellent health care. After graduating from Tillamook High School, I attended Southern Oregon University for two years and then transferred up to Portland State University. I loved being in Portland, but it is not where I wanted to raise my family. I wanted my daughters to be close to their grandparents. Both of my parents and a large extended family live here in the greater Rogue Valley area.

Dr. Williams please introduce us to your staff and the services they provide.

Devon Huttema, LMT:
Devon has been working with us since 2007. Devon has worked in other medical clinics and in a spa setting. She tells us that she prefers helping people get out of pain as opposed to just doing all the relaxation styled spa services. Devon is only about 5 feet 2 inches – but believe me, she is a powerful 5’2”. We like to joke about how she can make a grown man cry! But seriously, Devon has a talent of finding those “knots” that we all have developed over the years. She uses her years of experience, knowledge of stretches, and a variety of myofascial release techniques to work out those knots.

Joseph Budziszewski, LMT, ACPT:
Joseph (aka: Bodhi) has been with our office for just over a year now. He has a lifetime of experience as a personal trainer/coach and has performed as a competitive athlete. Bodhi has an Advanced Certified Personal Trainer certificate. Bodhi excels in analyzing kinetic movement and proposing exercises to strengthen weak areas of the body and create greater flexibility in tight areas of the body. Bodhi relates well to young athletes, offering motivation and positive insights to help them improve in their chosen competitive sports. Bodhi likes to perform a slow massage technique that impacts the fascia connective tissue. This is a method that is very relaxing and calming to the nervous system.

Dr. Williams, can you please tell us about your own training and background in chiropractic care?

I started my undergraduate studies at SOU and completed them at Portland State University. I worked in the home health industry for a few years after obtaining my B.S. My undergrad degree is in Science but my focus was on exercise science. It was always my goal to obtain professional training in a field of healthcare since both my mother and father were Registered Nurses. It was a difficult decision to choose between the different healthcare fields of study. Because I love exercise and wanted to be in control of my own methods of treatment/business, I decided that becoming a licensed chiropractor was the best fit for me. I attended Western States University and graduated as a Doctor of Chiropractic in 1999. Shortly thereafter, I moved my family to the Applegate Valley and opened the business and began practicing in April 2000.

How have you seen your practice change over the past 18 years and where do you see the practice evolving to as you move forward?

I turned 50 recently, and I feel great. I’ve been in practice long enough to have a lot of experience but not so long that I am burned out or focused on retirement. I stay inspired to provide the best care I possibly can by choosing a wide variety of continuing education topics and constantly adding new concepts, techniques, and approaches to my patient care and treatment plans.

I find myself increasingly relying on both Devon and Bodhi to do the maintenance and support care that our clients need. I suggest to my clients that once they are out of pain, to continue with massage therapy and exercise to maintain a healthy body. I feel confident that my staff and I are good at giving our clients helpful tools for them to use to enhance their own health and wellbeing.

Your practice is very customer centric and places a high value on taking great care of all your patients. In what ways do you see your practice striving to keep this as a top priority?

Working and living in a small community is very different than practicing in a large city like Portland, where I did my internship. I feel an extra level of accountability during every patient encounter to do my best. My customers are my community. The work I do impacts my standing in the community on both a personal and a professional level. There are families where I have treated two, three and even four generations of family members. It is rare that I go to an event in Jacksonville and do not run into people who have been to my office. I try to always balance being professional while remaining kind and compassionate.

Your team is continually striving to stay on top of their game. In what ways is everyone doing this?

Devon Huttema, LMT has recently taken the following classes: Acupressure, sports massage, lymph drainage techniques, CPR.

Joseph Budzeszewski, LMT, ACPT is currently writing his book on self-preservation that explains his personal philosophy about martial arts training and how both the physical and the mental aspects of that discipline promote wellbeing. Joseph is also studying sports medicine and rehabilitative therapy.

I would venture to say that you all share a combined passion for doing the work that you do and improving the lives of others?

We really do! When we ask a patient “How are you doing?” it isn’t a throwaway line…. We really want to know the details! Our goal is to improve the quality of our clients’ lives. We believe that by helping our clients, we will also improve the lives of the people they love. In a spiritual sense we feel that we are doing meaningful work that we find both challenging and fulfilling.

Dr. Williams, you enjoy an active lifestyle. What are some activities you have recently enjoyed participating in?

I have joked that I run a sports injury clinic based solely on my own numerous sports injuries. One activity that I no longer do is rock climbing after a particularly nasty accident where I smashed my hand and almost lost a thumb. I do love outdoor adventure. I am active at the Medford YMCA. I enjoy group exercise classes such as TRX, Zumba, Pilates and yoga. I have recently studied Capoeira (the Afro-Brazilian martial art), which was really challenging. If it is fun – I’ll give it a try!

As part of the goal for our interview you and your team are interested in introducing yourselves and the clinic to the community of Ashland and beyond. 

Advertising is an opportunity to remind the greater community that we are here. Many people live with pain unnecessarily. Even people that have been helped in the past need little reminders that there is something they can do for themselves that is safe and effective to move them in the direction of better health.

What types of clientele do you see your practice best suited in assisting?

My clientele tends to skew a bit toward the older side given my community, but we enjoy working with all ages and we can deal with basic to very complex issues. I do limit my practice to humans. We are not set up to treat the furry family members!

I am wondering if we can bring Joseph Budziszewski, LMT, ACPT into the conversation to learn more about his specialty and passion as a health care provider.

Some people know me as “Bodhi”. My decision to become a licensed massage therapist was already in the works as a competitive athlete and personal trainer of athletes of all ages.

It was not until my own personal injury of pain and discomfort that I came to realize the emotional and traumatic aspect of healing my own injury.

These experiences have taught me patience and compassion towards others and what they are going through themselves.

My inspiration comes from the unlimited potentiation of learning about the mysteries of the mind and body and how they work as a team in the healing process.

Peoples’ strengths and positive attitudes during the healing process continue to amaze and inspire me to learn and educate others on how to maintain a healthy lifestyle by balancing nutrition and exercise.

In short, through life’s experiences I have learned that true happiness is providing a nurturing touch while helping others help themselves.

Bodhi, you must be really good at listening and paying attention to the needs of your clientele.

When I first sit with a client, I discuss what their weekly and daily lifestyle is like. Often you receive more information during a face-to-face conversation than when a client answers a written questionnaire. I then take the cumulative information and combine empathy with intuition. I observe a clients mannerisms and emotional content to help me understand their perception. I use all of this information to design a treatment session best suited to the client:

~ Being aware and present of the clients’ needs.

~ Understanding the mind and body and how it works together in the healing process.

~ Interpreting how the mechanics of the body and our mental state create traumas and influence our level of stress in daily life.

What type of feedback you might hear from your client?

Some of the comments I have heard from my clients in the past month are:

“Very intuitive, analytical and insightful on how the body works and what their needs are….”

“Do your magic again….”

“Wow, I never really had a massage like that before, in a good way! It felt very therapeutic while out of body….”

“I feel taller….”

I would also like to bring Jacque Williams into our conversation. Hi Jacque. You and Jason have worked side-by-side for over 18 years. Can you tell us a little bit about your role and what you enjoy doing?

My husband and I opened the clinic back in April of 2000. Originally, Jason only intended on having me help get the clinic started. However, we found that we work well together. Our skill sets tend to complement each other. Jason has the technical knowledge of how to heal. My focus on details helps run the office.
My parents were self-employed, so I realized that in a small family run business, there would never be a lack of things to do. There are always new things to learn and things that can be done in a more efficient manner. I am never bored! My biggest challenge is to keep up on technological advances. I get to do a little bit of everything….design ads, perform insurance billing, schedule appointments. I call myself the “JACKie of all trades”.
The most important thing to me is the impact my husband (and I) have on our clients. I stay motivated and engaged through the personal connections and the interactions I have with each person who enters the door of our office. I am thankful to be able to develop a personal connection with our patients. Living in the small community of Jacksonville allows me to see and interact with our patients not only in a patient/clinic setting, but also around town and at community events.

Finally, I would like to ask your team member, Devon Huttema LMT, about what inspires her to be a part of the Jacksonville Chiropractic team.

I have been a part of this office for 11 years. I have always felt appreciated for what I do and treated with kindness and respect. The patients that come into the office are so wonderful and make my day so fun. I truly enjoy what I do because of Jason and Jacque and all the patients that I get to massage.

Devon, you have a passion for helping patients with medical issues. Please tell us more.

I enjoy being able to help someone that comes in with pain and leaves with a smile. It is a good feeling to be able to make someone’s day a little better. When the pain goes away, your whole attitude changes for the better. It warms my heart that I can do that for people.

I also enjoy the puzzle of trying to figure out why someone might have pain. Because of stress and daily habits, pain can come back if we don’t pinpoint where the issue starts. Many find it helpful to have regular massage therapy. It’s interesting getting to know people and learn their habits. As I get to know them better, we work together to develop strategies that help to ultimately relieve their pain. The best feeling is finding the problem, working it out and having the patient remain pain free.

Finally, a big “Thank You” to Dr. Williams and the entire team. Do you have any last thoughts or comments you would like to share with our readers?

Yes, more than anything, I recommend that you engage in regular exercise. It doesn’t have to be in the gym – but joints need to be moved regularly through their full ranges of motion. One of my favorite sayings is that flowing water doesn’t freeze. A sedentary lifestyle will cause you to hurt even when you are not active. Movement is good for your body and even better for your brain. Structure your movements to always maintain good spinal alignment and endeavor to remain mentally present and aware of your posture. You only get one spine – take good care of it. Should you need assistance in treating an injury or improving or maintaining your spine health, call our office to schedule an appointment.

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A Clinic You Can Rely On – Jacksonville Chiropractic and Massage Clinic is your trusted partner in wellness. What makes us different from other practices in Jacksonville, OR is that we provide our patients with nothing less than the best treatment solutions. When you turn to us, you can be confident that you will receive outstanding chiropractic and massage services.
A Clinic You Can Rely On – Jacksonville Chiropractic and Massage Clinic is your trusted partner in wellness. What makes us different from other practices in Jacksonville, OR is that we provide our patients with nothing less than the best treatment solutions. When you turn to us, you can be confident that you will receive outstanding chiropractic and massage services.