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kg_4For the past 30+ years KG Stiles has worked as a Metaphysician in the Healing Arts assisting tens of thousands of individuals and clients to resolve their challenges to creating the life they truly desire for themselves. KG’s clients have included entrepreneurs and top executives, and her advice and services have been used by internationally famous celebrities and athletes, as well as individuals, small business owners, spa therapists, hospitals and medical centers.

KG discovered early on in her professional practice that what was holding her clients back from healing and overcoming their life issues were primarily based in energetic and emotional blockages to self-expression. She also correlated her findings of her client’s resistance to healing and/or recurring health challenges and emotional patterns of suffering to specific astrological data in a client’s astrology chart.

KG began introducing her clients to the metaphysical reasons under lying their life challenges. She discovered that clients who took more responsibility and engaged in their own healing achieved the best results. KG longed to reach a wider audience with her unique way of dealing with health issues and life challenges and in 2005 was able to break into the global market place. With the launch of her online business, KG began serving clients internationally. She was now able to reach even more people who were open, willing and ready to look at the metaphysical root causes of their life challenges.

KG’s ideal clients take responsibility for their life experience and the conditions and circumstances showing up in their lives. They are ready to become empowered and willing to take action and step into their own greatness.

KG uses astrology as a framework for providing guidance, insight and reflection. From the timing of events, discovering life purpose, achieving and setting goals KG takes a positive and empowering approach to supporting her clients and has always taken the long view to success. Through the years KG has worked with clients for 15 years, or longer. The transformation of long-standing and inherited patterns takes time and requires patience. It’s not a quick fix though clients certainly feel immediate benefits during and after a session.  I spoke with KG this month to learn more about her unique approach of using intuition, astrology and coaching.

KG, thank you very much for speaking with us today. You have been involved in the field of astrology for over 30 years. Please tell us about your approach to using this age-old art.KG Stiles

I’m an intuitive astrologer and use a client’s astrology chart as a gateway to understanding the map of their soul’s journey in this lifetime. From the perspective of soul each of us steps into our life in full awareness of what we have freely chosen or contracted to experience in our lifetime. One of the ancient Greek Myths has it that before we are born into earthly existence we drink from the River of Lethe (the river of forgetfulness), so that we lose all memory of our soul contracts made before incarnation. This forgetfulness is necessary for having an authentic life experience and making free will choices.

Your earthly incarnation is a soul journey of remembering who you are and realizing your soul potential. On the hero’s journey you face life’s trials and tests and learn how to utilize your gifts and become skillful at navigating your way through life. The purpose of your journey through time is to awaken to and embody your true potential as a spiritual being and learn how to live your greater self-expression.

When you are fully engaged in your soul’s journey you give up blaming others and complaining about your life circumstances. You realize you have the power to respond to life circumstances in a way that allows you to create your desired outcomes; you become a master of energetic flow as a creator of your life experience rather than being at the effect of your life experience.

Historically the approach astrologers have taken with forecasting or predictive astrology has been rather negative and fear based, and a way to manipulate or control malevolent forces outside ones self. Humans were seen at the effect of the will of heaven and had no power to creatively direct and use natural forces to achieve their desired outcomes. This is a victim mentality and fear based.

I take a completely different approach to astrology that’s intuitive and soul based and aligns you harmoniously with natural forces. I see your astrology chart as your map to happiness. I view astrology symbolically and metaphorically like a dream. The meaning you give to an event, the role certain characters play in your life, and the way you frame an experience can empower or disempower you. When you choose to frame an event positively as working for you, and everyone else concerned in a situation, you are empowered to get out of fear and step into your greatness. 

We live in a benevolent universe. Life will give you whatever you want if you believe you are worthy of having it and willing to take the necessary action to align yourself with it. Albert Einstein said in effect, “There’s only one question to answer, ‘Do you live in a friendly or hostile universe?’” Whatever you believe – you are right!

Your subconscious mind (your inner genie) is always listening and recording everything you think and feel about yourself and your life and always gives you exactly what you order. Genie is from the Latin root word genius. In the14th century a genius denoted a guardian spirit, and someone with extraordinary talent. Other words that also share the Latin root word of genius are: gene and genuine. Interesting, huh?

KG StilesQuantum physics has demonstrated that we live in a vibrational universe and that you affect reality just through your observation of it. It’s been discovered that morphogenic fields of influence or motifs act as archetypal forces to organize the reality of our physical universe. The planets and celestial influences of astrology are archetypal forces representing particular themes operating automatically and unconsciously (for most people) in the universe and within you. When you wake-up and begin to consciously align and dance with these cosmic forces you become a co-creator of your life experience.

You can exactly pinpoint in your chart where you’re likely to be blocked and if subject to particular thematic challenges. As you know timing is everything. One of the greatest gifts of your astrology chart is the timing of events and cycles in your life. You can learn how to work with the waves of change operating rather than against them, or being overwhelmed by them, to get your desired outcomes.  Your astrology chart helps you to align with your soul life purpose and be empowered to realize your greater self rather than living from small ness.

Your work has been quite profound and has made significant impacts on many people’s lives. Please tell us about this.

I’m with my clients every step of the way helping them come from a place of empowerment and courage to face their fears and realize their dreams. I know the Journey. I know how to name it for people so they can recognize it for themselves. Developing awareness, having insights and anchoring a new context for your life experience is key.KG Stiles

One of the things my clients appreciate most after starting to work with me is the feeling that they are never alone. They also express gratitude that I never judge them. They experience healing of their self-concept, which may have been wounded in early childhood. Releasing suppressed negative emotions like guilt and shame are common. Many clients report experiencing self-love and acceptance for the very first time. I want to emphasize I am not a therapist. If you’re experiencing tremendous resistance to self-love and taking responsibility for your life experience I am probably not the coach for you.

I am a valuable resource to my clients and they’re relieved to know they don’t have to go the journey alone any more. Clients may move rapidly in some areas where they’ve perhaps felt stuck for years while other areas are slow to show results. Through the process of experiencing themselves and their life in a positive empowering way the insights gained through coaching have a profound impact upon them and catalyze them to move forward sometimes suddenly and dramatically.

Clients discover that by owning and embodying their higher power they can experience the life changes they desire. Though the changes can be significant and dramatic for some, for others it’s more of a slow organic process over time. It’s individual to the client how rapidly they grow and change. The transformations that can occur may seem rather mysterious; however, they’re practically grounded in the five-step proven methodology I’ve developed with my intuitive astrology coaching system.

How do clients use the information that you provide to them?

Some of the areas my clients benefit most from include:

  •    Planning and Timing of Events
  •    Discovering Life Purpose
  •    Setting and Achieving Goals
  •    Discovering Your Passion and Life Calling
  •    Developing Curiosity and Creativity
  •    Understanding Where and Who you Are and Where You Want to Go
  •    Addressing Health Challenges
  •    Weight Loss

KG you have been very careful in your work to stay in the role of coach, you also are very direct about your own expectations of the clients you work with.

KG StilesMy job as a coach is to support my clients on their soul’s journey, not to tell them what to do. I assist clients in discovering their own answers and direct them to align with their life journey as it unfolds for them. I unconditionally support my clients to grow and develop their own free will and to make their own choices. I choose to work with spiritually mature individuals who are ready to do their own inner work.

My coaching services are Ideal for you if you take complete responsibility for the quality of your life experience and want to step into your power to fully embody the life you know you were born to live. Taking complete responsibility is essential for clients with health challenges and weight loss issues. You must be willing to do the work necessary and open to looking at what you may be doing that could be contributing to your challenges.

Clients experience an opening up of their own intuition for knowing the direction that’s right for them. There’s a feeling of resonance and connection to the meaning of their life. Sometimes information comes through for clients that they may not understand for weeks, months or even years until the time is right and they’re ready for that stage of their journey.

I would love for you to tell us more about free will.

Many people equate astrology with forces outside of themselves effecting and controlling their lives. This shows a lack of understanding about the universal principles at work. Your astrology chart works through the law of correspondence which states, ‘As above, so below. As within, so without.’ We live in a holographic universe in which everything is mirrored in the whole. It’s not something to believe in, it’s something to be experienced that brings you into greater alignment and empowerment with your authentic natural self, your soul essence.kg_1

My clients are dynamic and purposefully engaged in effecting growth for themselves and realizing their true potential. They expect me to respect their free will and allow them to choose what’s right for them, as well as more fully accept and experience what makes them individually unique. These positive experiences have allowed me to form many long and lasting relationships with my clients. My clients know I believe in them and completely support them, no matter what. The question clients come to answer for themselves through the coaching process is, “Do I really love, accept and believe in myself?” If not, they have more inner work to do!

What a unique gift to be able to have been able to share with so many people.

I am deeply grateful and humbled that I get to serve in this way. Helping people to own their power and step into their greatness is tremendously rewarding. Serving others in this capacity also requires me to continue doing my own inner work. I receive ongoing personal mentoring and training that allows me to grow and change exponentially which is what it’s all about. I’m fully invested in continuing to be relevant to my clients and offering them outstanding value.

A recurring pattern that many clients initially come to me with is self-sabotage. The story theme goes that after reaching a pinnacle in their profession they sabotage their success with some form of inappropriate behavior that causes their down fall. They may have had this recurring pattern of self-sabotage for many years and can’t seem to break it.

Of course how you resolve repeating patterns is individual to you, but usually a saboteur pattern can be found in the client’s astrology chart.  The timing of when the pattern may be triggered and what you can do to break the pattern are both indicated in the chart.

At the heart of life dilemmas in most instances is an issue of self worth and self-forgiveness is often needed. Your consciousness is always keeping a record of everything you do. This is why it’s important for you to always show up and do your best. You don’t have to strive for perfection just do your best. This is in itself an act of self-love. You do things because you love and respect yourself enough to commit to always doing your best.

I’ve seen clients totally change unwanted behavior once they become aware that their consciousness is always keeping record of everything. When you realize pure awareness is recording everything you think, feel and do in life a tremendous change in your behavior patterns can suddenly occur.

As your depth and personal knowledge of Astrology deepens, how have you changed?

I’m much more compassionate and understanding of others and myself. I don’t judge. As Mother Teresa says, “When you judge people you have no time to love them.” I’ve come to understand that from the level of pure awareness all judgment is self-judgment. Here in the manifest world we live in a world of causality and contrast, so that we can experience physical reality. There is no up without down, or light without dark. The lower mind believes in the relative and comparative world of this is good and that is bad. In the spiritual world everything is united; there is only pure awareness and all is one.

What are the biggest gifts you see being experienced through your work?

The first gift clients receive is improvement of their internal experience and how they feel. They begin to frame everything that’s occurring in their life in a positive more empowered way. Clients express more appreciation for their life experience. With this fresh new perspective clients naturally begin to create more ease and happiness in life. Their lives steadily improve for the better. They experience more synchronicity, harmony and flow in life. There’s less feeling of struggle and willingness to allow things to show up for them in perfect ways. They deepen in their trust of themselves and the life process. Probably the most significant thing they experience is witnessing themselves as creators engaged in a partnership with life. Life becomes more playful and an expression of Self and one’s art. Life becomes a revelatory experience to be enjoyed moment-to-moment.

“…Most transformative…KG creates a safe space for emergence of deeper issues, and provides spot-on, loving guidance. She is gracious, deep and generous with her talents. I’m now headed in the right direction and confident I know how.” -Michelle Patterson, NY, USA

KG, the work you offer is very powerful and might often times bring up different experiences for people. Please talk about this.

Many times clients often know what they need to do; however they are blocked to taking action. Often all that people need is someone to believe in them and help them to show up for themselves. Having a trusted go-to-person you can rely on to inspire you to take the necessary practical steps and consistent action makes all the difference.

Some people are self-motivated and can implement and do what they need to do on their own. However, for many people taking consistent action can be overwhelming. Clients like checking in with me regularly to hold them accountable for taking consistent action and celebrating their progress.

It is not that difficult to remove a block once you are aware of it. It just takes courage. We can give a lot of power to our fears. I call fears false dragons. These fears sometimes have ancestral roots. The first step is always to become aware of the pattern. Having an insight or epiphany about a pattern carries the seed for setting up a new program. The solution to any problem is always found in the problem itself.

How do you work with astrology to frame it in positive terms that helps people move forward?

We always have the power to know and step into the ‘right’ choice for ourselves. However, the ‘right’ choice may not be the easy choice in the moment. Often we want to go with what’s easy and get a quick fix though down the road the ‘easy’ choice may end up being the most difficult. Short-term fixes are often a stop gap and do not provide long term satisfying solutions. Tremendous rewards come from setting strong foundations for long-term success.

Most things that show up in our lives are just mirroring what is truly going on within us. External events and situations act like a messenger showing us what we have going on within our selves that prevent us from achieving something that we ‘think’ we want, but are not aligned with. Be grateful for the messengers in your life giving you a gift about how you need to change.

Finally what are the best ways for readers to connect with you and learn more about your services?

Private one-on-one intuitive astrology coaching sessions are available to my U.S. and international clients by phone or Skype. Your private session can be live or recorded only. 

You can find out more about me and my intuitive astrology coaching services on my website (under the SERVICES heading in the drop down menu). My user friendly website allows you to schedule a single intuitive astrology coaching session with me – limited availability, by appointment only.

You can also apply to join my intuitive astrology coaching program. It’s simple to apply just complete the online application form. Immediately after submitting your application you’ll receive a link to sign-up for a free coaching strategy session with me. Having a strategy coaching session with me helps you know if you’re a good fit for my coaching program.

While you’re on my website be sure to join my online community (it’s free). You’ll receive weekly intuitive astrology coaching video blogs, as well as invitations to free webinars and events.

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Best way to reach KG is through her online contact form. Direct link:

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