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Living a Balanced Life

In todays hectic lifestyle it is becoming more and more challenging to balance everything. I think it is so easy to over commit ourselves and then become completely overwhelmed. With work, family, friends, appointments, exercise, travel, rest….wow!! How do we prioritize it all and not get ourselves in over our heads? It seems that it is so easy to do. Well, I have to do a routine self-checkup every so often. I look at what is happening and re-assess what is really important to me and my family.
I put our health at the top of the list, and to me that is regular exercise for all of us, our diet and down time. From there I add to the list with the activities that are important and fun to all of us. I believe that the key to living a balanced life is to remember to put you and your family first, not letting go of the things that keep you healthy and feeling good. Diet and Exercise are so important to living a healthy, balanced life, yet it is often the first thing that people will throw out the window when they are short on time….they will give up going to the gym….they will drive thru a fast food restaurant…..they will put their health on the back burner. I ask you to try something for a couple of months: Don’t give up on you. When you feel a time crunch coming up, please still get your exercise in, even just a 30 minute walk….it will change your day, it will keep you going….endorphins are truly amazing!!! The same with your daily diet. It is just as easy to eat healthy, you just have to commit to it. The next time you drive by a fast food place, think of all the chemicals in every item….then get yourself something fresh and good for you. Over the days, you will be happy with your positive choices and your life will fall into a more balanced rhythm!! It all begins with you and how you treat yourself!!!
Michelle Ronsen
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