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Mmmmm Raclette!

Do you have yen for raclette?

“Well,” you might respond, “it’s possible that I crave raclette, but what exactly IS raclette, anyhow?”

The answer is that raclette is a cheese made from the milk of high-elevation cows in Switzerland and the Haute-Alpes department of France, and also a cuisine based on melting that cheese and scraping it over small potatoes, cornichons or jambon cru (think prosciutto). In other words, we are talking about European mountain comfort food.

Does that sort of talk whet your appetite? If so, you are in luck. A strange but welcome cosmic convergence is bringing raclette to the Green Springs. More to the point, it is bringing Grace and Nathaniel Borsi to our community, along with Nathaniel’s French Alpine culinary heritage and Grace’s restaurant skills.

On April 1, the restaurant at Green Springs Inn & Cabins will open under a new name: Cocorico, which is French for “cock-a-doodle-doo” or “wake up and smell the raclette.” Grace & Nathaniel plan to start with existing menus and staff, adding lots of their own sweat equity and, over time, new special dishes like certain French Alpine favorites.

Why did this couple choose the Green Spring to launch their culinary venture, not to mention the next phase of their lives? Certainly, they are well-traveled. Between them, you will find Bangkok, Aix-en-Provence, Ireland’s Achill Island and other destinations in their curriculum vitae, all sandwiched around Seattle. (Grace and Nathaniel met at Seattle’s renowned Lola, one of 12 restaurants closed on March 16 in response to the COVID-19 pandemic by celebrity chef Tom Douglas.) They could have settled down in Palm Springs, Sacramento, the Cote d’Azur or some other high dollar destination.

Nathaniel says the elevation attracted him. His hometown, Gap, is France’s highest prefecture (i.e. state capital) sitting in a high valley at 735 meters above sea level, much like Ashland (except for the capital part). Grace says it was the natural beauty, which is, of course, the hook for many relationships. Personally, I think their decision may have been influenced by the number of expansive thinkers, aka crazy people, in our community — the sort of folks who might be tempted to scrape melted cheese over their cornichons and prosciutto.

In any case, we will welcome Grace and Nathaniel with a reception one of these days, after we are released from sequestration. (Did I forget to mention that most of the world is currently shut down? The perfect time to open a new business, right? Clearly these are our kind of people.)

Meanwhile, in case you have not heard, our cabins and rooms are available for remote self-quarantine. You can breathe fresh, virus-free air and order take-out. Ask for the raclette.

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Diarmuid McGuire

Less than an 30 minute drive from Ashland, the Green Springs is a world apart from the hustle, bustle and endless asphalt of modern life. Here, near the crest of the Southern Cascades, Green Springs Inn is creating a sustainable getaway opportunity by protecting and nurturing a long-abused forest, using dead and dying trees to build cabins, harvesting solar energy and more. The lodge at Green Springs Inn offers comfortable high country accommodations at affordable prices. Six of our eight rooms include Jacuzzi tubs and two have private decks. The Inn also offers nine deluxe vacation cabins on an adjoining 150 acre parcel. Each cabin offers privacy, a unique view, a single bedroom with a king size bed, a loft and a sofa bed for additional guests, a deep jetted tub, a wood burning stove, a fully equipped kitchen and a bathroom with tiled shower. Dogs are welcome at Green Springs Inn. We use organic, fragrance-free cleaning products and restrict pets from designated accommodations for visitors who are highly sensitive to allergens. Our Forest Room group facility provides a perfect setting for a retreat, a meeting, a family gathering or a small event.

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